Thomas Portable Railroad: Traveling With Toddlers

Amazon ($19.99)
Traveling with a toddler has made me understand the call for the ginormous gas guzzler. They want to bring everything they own along for the ride.

And knowing a bunch of little Thomas the Tank Engine fans with a penchant for packing heavy, the new Thomas and Friends Tote-a-Train Playbox ($19.99) caught my eye in a press release from Fisher-Price.


On the surface, it's just a big plastic case with a Thomas face and room for 10 extra trains inside. Buy it for a kid, and it sounds rather boring, doesn't it?

But just wait ... the "lid" to the case happens to be a fold-out portable railroad. So they can take their trains and their tracks on the road.

A bit of a warning -- we received a sample to see how it worked, and although it's a lot of fun, there are NO trains inside.
Amazon; $15.71

So I looked around for other options.

The Take Along Thomas and Friends Really Useful Engine Set ($30.58) is a lot bulkier, but it has a die-cast Thomas train that comes with the portable figure-eight track and a water spout that rises like "magic."

If you already have a case but still want a portable track, how about trying the Straight and Curve Pack from Learning Curve ($15.71).

Do your kids beg to take a ton of toys on trips?


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