Potty Training: A Potty That Cheers for Them

Photo from Varsity Baby
You will spend a lot of time cheering for your potty training tot.

You sat on the potty. Yay!

You told me you had to go. Yay!

You got out of the tub before you peed. Yay!

Save your voice Mom and Dad -- the Varsity Baby Flush and Cheer Potty ($39.95) will do it for you.


Well, sort of. The potty lets you record your own version of a rah, rah, sis boom bah. If you buy the college version, you even get your university fight song.

Somehow listening to Hokie, Hokie, Hokie High each time my daughter urinated makes me think I'd be punting that potty all the way to Blacksburg, so I suppose it's fortunate Virginia Tech isn't on the list.

You can pick up your own potty (and you don't have to go with the college theme) at Varsity Baby.

What's your cheer for their potty progress?

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