Organic Easter Candy: All the Fun and Even More Yum!

orgnaic chocolate easter bunny
Bunny in a Basket; Taraluna
Lots of parents are fans of candy-free Easter baskets -- last year I was one of them. This year, the Easter Bunny has decided to drop off some sweet treats along with the Hello Kitty Cupcake T-shirt and the kitty egg crayons he's leaving (someone has a thing for cats).

My two-year-old rarely gets candy, and on the special occasions she does (Christmas and Valentine's Day), I give her only organic chocolate -- nothing sticky or too sugary.

I wasn't sure if I'd find a bunny that made the cut, but Taraluna has organic, fair trade, and even vegan versions of traditional Easter candy -- bunnies, eggs, and the like.


This cute Bunny in the Basket goes for $12.95.

As for me, I'll be scarfing down Cadbury Creme Eggs and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Eggs -- when my daughter isn't looking, of course.

What kind of candy, if any, do you put in your tot's Easter basket?

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