Mini Boden at Nordstrom!

Toddler clothes; Boden USA
I'm a huge fan of Mini Boden clothing, and at least one of my children is likely wearing an item from the British online retailer at any given moment.

My son has worn their great T-shirts and swimwear since he was a toddler. Now that I have a girl, I can't get enough of their little dresses, rompers, and accessories.

The pieces are unique, comfortable, and though a bit pricey, they hold up really well through washing and wearing -- tough enough for toddlers!

So I was more than a little bit thrilled when I learned Nordstrom is now carrying Mini Boden items.


The line made its debut at seven Nordstrom locations last year, and more have started carrying it in recent months. 

Beyond saving on shipping, this means the Mini Boden gear will surely be part of the sales that Nordstrom does quite well ... and hello, Nordstrom Notes!  But more importantly -- this stuff will surely eventually end up at Nordstrom Rack where I'll be waiting to scoop it up for a mere fraction of the price.

Are you a Fan of Mini Boden?

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