Toddler Talk: Will, 4, on Obama and Health Care Reform

Photo by Bill Drummy
Will, left
Every week at Toddler Talk, we'll interview a tot on current events or topics of interest to kids (and adults) everywhere.

This week, 4-year-old Will answers some tough questions about Barack Obama and Health Care Reform.


Hi Will!

Who is Barack Obama?
Our president.

 What does he do all day?
Help us.

Do you think he's doing a good job?

Because he's our president.

What do you think he keeps on his desk at work?
I think he keeps movie cars on his desk -- like the ones I want for my birthday. There is an apple car that is a white race car and looks like it lives in the apple store.

President Obama just signed a health care reform bill into law -- do you support it?


Cuz ... I don't know.

If you were the President of the United States, what law would you want to pass?

No punching or kicking anyone.

Thanks Will! (I hope you get the cars!)

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