My Quotable Kid: She's So Brilliant

My Quotable Kid; Better World Book Club
I have an abundance of cute journals, a Flip, a big video camera, and a small hand-held tape recorder (the latter given to me by my child linguist mother-in-law, who's desperate to analyze her granddaughter's language development). Plus, I'm a blogger -- and I blog about toddlers. So I have no excuses.

Still, I never manage to write down or record each and every nugget of wisdom my two-year-old relays on a daily basis. I always think I'll remember and write it down later, but I never do.

This week, for once, I have been pretty good, and I wanted to share her worldly observations.


On the environment: "Trees need Band-Aids."

On world peace: "Everyone needs cookies."

On the change of seasons: Crouching down and looking at the flowers blooming in our yard, "Good job, Spring!"


What's your toddler talking about? Do you keep a record of it all somewhere?

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