Mr. Rogers Is Streaming Online

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My daughter has no idea who Mr. Rogers is. Taken off the air by PBS two years ago, my generation's favorite cardigan-wearing neighbor has been replaced by the likes of Word Girl and Sid the Science Kid.

And though the latter two are among my personal faves, I can't help mourning the loss of King Friday and the little red trolley.

So I did a happy dance when I read PBS is bringing him back -- at least online.


Turns out those of who who grew up on Won't You Be My Neighbor grew on PBS too -- they've started streaming old episodes of Fred Rogers' world on both a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood specific site and its PBSKids site.

There's even a song section, so if your kids are too young for TV, but already love to groove you can share some nostalgia -- and dancing -- together. If you're especially talented, there's sheet music you can print out and play yourself.

Mr. Rogers has also gone high-tech. PBS is selling a Mr. Rogers Make a Journal app to benefit its programming.

Do you have a favorite Fred Rogers memory?

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