Music for Toddlers: Pete Seeger

Last weekend, my two-year-old went to her first "rock concert" -- a sing-a-long with Pete Seeger, the master of American Folk Music.

She's been listening to Pete since, well, since she was in the womb (we listened to his CD on the way to the hospital). She knows the words to many of his songs, but this was the first time she got to see the man in the flesh, strumming on his 5-string banjo, while making quips like, "Toddlers are old enough to know that lullabies are just propaganda."

She was in heaven. I was too.


In 1955, Pete recorded two albums of children's music that included songs like "I Had a Rooster," "Teency Weency Spider," "Skip to My Lou,"  "I Know an Old Lady (Who Swallowed a Fly),"  "Mr. Rabbit," and "Fly Through My Window."

A CD of these songs was reissued a few years ago, and you can download all 28 of them at Smithsonian Folkways for $9.99 (or buy a CD for $15).

What's your toddler rockin' out to?


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