Candy-Free Easter Baskets Gaining Favor

Photo by Pooh238

The Easter Bunny is going candy-free in a lot of houses this year.

In an effort to control their kids' sugar consumption, it seems a lot of parents have said bye bye to the chocolate bunnies. Sacrilege, you say? Not real Easter?


Confession: I'm one of those moms. Last year my daughter's Easter basket contained a toy computer, a stuffed bunny, some Beatrix Potter books and a few other non-edible trinkets.

As my friend Erin pointed out regarding her daughter's basket, "If I get to be in control of what she eats (for now), why make it candy?"

That was reason number one in our household, followed quickly by the desire to keep the junk out of our own mouths. No chocolate in the house means I can still fit into my jeans come the Monday after Easter!

We do slip a few jellybeans into the plastic eggs we hide around the house, but she quickly gobbles them up before they can make it to my thighs.

Do you give candy for Easter?


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