Electronic Easter Eggs Talk to Tots

Hide 'Em and Find 'Em Easter Eggs from Techno Source

Your Easter egg hunt just got a lot easier for the kids. And a lot louder for you.

A company has put a talking chip inside the plastic Easter egg, so instead of guiding your toddler with "you're getting warmer" or "very hot, very hot," the egg does it for you.


Techno Source sent The Stir one of its Hide 'Em and Find 'Em Eggs ($4.99 apiece or $14.99 a four-pack), and we hit the "on" switch before slipping it under the couch.

For about half an hour, it shot out phrases from "yoo hoo, I'm hiding," to a giggle. The noises weren't constant, which was good for our sanity, but the fifteenth announcement of "I'm hiding" was a bit grating.

My 4-year-old figured out the hiding spot pretty quickly (I'm the one who forced her to leave it to test how long it would talk), and she loved the little critter inside who announced "surprise" when she opened it up. There's space inside to add a few little treats along with the bunny (which doesn't come out).

The eggs are cute and a lot of fun, but I think the price will determine if these are for you. If you're going to do a big hunt with tons of eggs, $14.99 a four-pack is a bit much to swallow. A small hunt for your 2-year-old? Maybe.

Would you go electronic for Easter?

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