Mad Men Are in a Barbie World

Have you Mad Men'd yourself?

Photo by AMC

Barbie's always had the body that made mom's cringe. Now she's going to have the body that mom has always craved.

That's right Mom, Mad Men's Joan Holloway is being Barbie-ized. And along with her will be three members of the Emmy Award winning AMC drama.


After hiring on Christian Louboutin to fashion a Barbie last year, this is another attempt by Mattel to cash in on couture. It's working. We're paying attention.

But as mad as I am for Don Draper and the rest of sixties Madison Avenue, I can't say I'll be shelling out for a cad who cheats on his wife or one who runs off with the secretary for that matter (Roger Sterling's also turning from yelling "doll" to being one) for my tot. The idea sort of gives me the creeps!

And it doesn't look like Mattel expects us to. Reuters reports they'll be selling for just under $75 a doll.

Will you buy this one for the kids or for you?

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