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    Children get into the wildest spots, don't they? They find ways to climb, descend, and scale places and things we could never dream of conquering. But just wait until you hear this story!

    A 24-year-old woman in Lincoln, Nebraska reported her 3-year-old son as missing after she notice that he must have slipped out of the home when she went to the bathroom.

    At the same time, customers at Madsen's Bowling and Billiards restaurant also called the police when they noticed a little boy was stuck the arcade toy claw machine. He was hanging out and playing with the toys. Just having a grand ol' time!

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    Oh boy. A new baby doll was introduced at the London Toy Fair yesterday, and it's causing quite the stir over in the U.K. The "Nenuco Won't Eat" doll, produced by Famosa, is basically a baby doll who turns its head when a (fake) spoonful of food is offered to it.

    The doll is set to hit store shelves next month, and some are worried the behavior of it shunning food could potentially set a bad example for toddlers -- even making them have a negative attitude toward food. There's also a fear that the doll could encourage eating disorders down the road.

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    Confession: before the Christmas madness set in, I wrote a post in which I argued that $224 is not nearly enough money to spend on a child during the holidays. My non-scientific hypothesis came from the realization that many of the toys I really wanted my daughter to have -- Magna Tiles, anyone? -- are stupidly expensive. Lots of readers chewed me out on my opinion, but I thought -- oh, what's the harm? It's my child's first real Christmas (she's 2) and I want to give her everything her heart desires. 

    I am publicly prepared to eat my words. Christmas morning was gorgeous and memorable, but also proved to me that if my child turns into a spoiled brat, my husband and I will be solely to blame. But we also have the power to stop this bad behavior before it sets in. 

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    Any parent can tell you, there's always one toy -- one very special toy -- that belongs to their child that would result in all death and destruction were it ever to get lost. Often, these security toys are sweetly referred to as "lovies," and our little ones sleep with them; eat with them; and basically go everywhere with them. It's adorable. But also slightly terrifying, because OMG, what if something happened to it?!

    Recently, one little girl lost her beloved stuffed bear while on a train. And as you can imagine, she was distraught. But miraculously, a kind passenger on the next train found the bear and took to social media to unite it with its rightful owner. And guess what? It worked! And you thought the world went to hell in a hand basket ...

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    There's a feud brewing -- albeit a 'friendly' one (for now) between the Beastie Boys and the makers of GoldieBlox over the use of the Boys' song Girls. I don't need to know another detail to say that the use of someone's music without their permission to sell a product is wrong. If someone even used my image or a photo of my kids to sell a product that would be wrong. Using an artist's work, even if it is changed up a bit, without getting approval is an unethical thing to do.

    I saw the GoldieBlox ad -- loved it. And yes, it was an ad disguised as a viral video. And I think they knew they were in for a bit of trouble -- no one can be rhymin' and stealin' from the Beastie Boys. The Beastie Boys were of course going to fight for their right .... Interestingly though, it's GoldieBlox who is suing the Beasties, not the other way around.

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    8 Ways I'm 'Ruining' My Child's Life

    posted by Lisa Fogarty November 4, 2013 at 5:38 PM in Toddler
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    I consider myself an okay mom. What I lack in attention to detail, I make up for with lots of patience. My two-and-a-half-year-old isn't potty trained yet, but she speaks in complete sentences. We read lots of books together, take walks to the park, chat over dinner, and I'd say overall my daughter appears to be happy enough with my mommy performance thus far. 

    But there's at least one person in this world who is convinced I've got this motherhood thing all wrong: my dear, amazing but judgmental, 92-year-old grandmother. Here are the top 8 ways I'm "ruining" my child -- and possibly my unborn child as well -- according to granny. 

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    If you've ever tried arguing with a toddler, you know there's simply no winning. They have a logic all of their own and simply cannot be deterred once they've made their mind up about something. They're fairly brilliant in their tactics too, as ruthless as they may be.

    Take 3-year-old Adela in this video for example. She's at the toy store with her dad, on a mission to buy a birthday gift for a friend. Adela, however, has another idea -- more My Little Pony stuff for her. When her initial requests don't work, she gets serious and resorts to extortion. "If I don't get any ponies or any horse, I won't be able to wuv you anymore," she tells him. "I'll only be able to wuv my mom."

    You have to watch to get the full impact of her persuasive powers.

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    If you've ever lost your child's favorite stuffed animal, you probably know that feeling of frustration and panic. Dear God, no! Your child has lost their most beloved friend and they're completely inconsolable without it. If only you could get the whole world to help you look for it. Well, that kind of happened. When a woman found a stuffed bunny left behind on a beach, she posted a photo of Pink Bunny on Facebook -- and it was shared by over 30,000 people. I don't think I even need to say this, but yes, dear readers. Facebook helped 18-month-old Maddie Cross reunite with Pink Bunny.

    Now ... why can't we all do this every time our kids lose a toy?

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    When a child dies, shouldn't their parents let go of their possessions, eventually? One neighbor of Cindy and George Anthony was shocked to find out that they were selling their granddaughter Caylee Anthony's toys at a recent yard sale. How could they possibly part with her things?!? But Caylee has been dead since 2005. I wonder, how could they possibly keep living with her things?

    We all mourn differently. Caylee's case was so extreme, it's hard for anyone to relate to it all. But still, I see her grandparents' yard sale as a healthy sign of moving on.

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    I know that twins playing with rubber bands doesn't sound that funny or cute. It may even sound first and foremost like a choking hazard, but trust me, this video, which has gone viral this week, is that funny and cute. And no one got hurt, so relax and enjoy.

    In it you see two tiny toddlers standing at some kitchen cabinets. They each have a rubber band, which they're placing on the cabinet knobs. As they pull on them and the rubber bands snap back and off, hilarity ensues. They laugh and giggle so hard they fall down. 

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