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    You've gotta love how cribs keep babies penned in a safe area to sleep -- they're like jail cells but far more comfortable. Then one day, you hear a whump as your toddler pulls a ninja move and climbs out ... and this, mamas, is where the true test of your bedtime skills begins. Because once your toddler graduates to a bed, it's up to you and your wits to keep him there, and in those sleep-deprived 3 a.m. hours, parents often make a whole slew of mistakes that result in less shut-eye for all involved. Here are five errors to avoid, plus some smarter solutions to try instead. You're welcome.

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    Prepare to get goosebumps all over. In a scenario plucked straight out of a horror film, one Texas family tucked their 2-year-old boy in his crib for the night and retreated to their own bedroom on the first floor, confident that he would be safe and secure until breakfast time. Imagine their horror when they woke up the next day, checked the video footage from a surveillance camera they had set up in their son's nursery, and discovered that an intruder had broken into their home and had spent a full five minutes creepily entering and exiting the toddler's room and hovering over his crib to stare at him. And mom and dad slept through the whole thing!

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    Do you want to hear a secret? I get angry and upset and cry sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. Okay, pretty much every day. But I have really good reasons for throwing temper tantrums -- I swear!

    How else am I supposed to act when Mommy does something for me that I wanted to do ALL BY MYSELF? Or when Daddy turns off my favorite show before I'm finished watching? Or when I can't get one of my toys to work right? Or when I want a "loll-pop" RIGHT NOW and Mommy says no because we don't have any?

    As I like to say, "Are you kidding me?"

    Mommy and Daddy might not agree, but I think there are plenty of times it's okay for me to have a meltdown because of something THEY'VE done wrong. Do you want to know what they are?

    Here are 12 reasons toddlers' tantrums might be all your fault ...

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    An article was recently published in Huffington Post that details ways in which working moms can get the "best sleep ever." As a person who ought to have stock in undereye concealer, I don't think I've ever clicked on anything so fast. But, sadly, I was a bit disappointed when I learned that the tips were things we've all heard countless times -- be careful of what you eat before bed; set a bedtime and stick to it; don't try to go back to sleep in the middle of the night if you feel like you can't. All fine enough advice, but come on, guys. As a working mom, I want to know how to get some real sleep.

    In response to the article, I compiled my own list of tips on how to get the best sleep ever, and although these tips 1,000 percent are not medically or psychologically endorsed, I can almost guarantee you you'll get a solid night's shut eye if you follow some or all of them.

    Here are 5 tips for working moms to get the best night's sleep ever.

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    I'm sort of obsessed with toddler sleep at the moment. Mainly because my 21-month-old's sleep patterns are off the wall lately. She went from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a crib with one side removed to sleeping on the floor. At night. As far as naps go in my house, well, they're a real enigma these days, I tell ya. To be honest, I'm at the point where I don't even expect her to take a nap anymore. I know that she needs one, but I don't know. They've become a battle. And driving around each day with her in order to get her to sleep is just insane. 

    We'll figure things out eventually, but until then, here are the 10 stages moms go through when their toddler refuses to sleep.

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    I recently shared with the class how my 21-month-old daughter has taken to sleeping on the floor. Last week, she learned to climb out of her crib, so we removed one side and added a mesh rail, but she's chosen to sleep on a pile of blankets and pillows not in her crib instead. I suppose it's not ideal, but going off of the comments on the post and other things I've read, it's certainly not all that uncommon. She's safe; she's well-rested; she's happy. And that makes me happy.

    However, I had a realization last night when I was puttering around the house, picking up toys, etc., after I put her to bed. I wasn't ready for her to be in a bed (or, in her case, a floor). Babies sleep in cribs; big girls sleep in beds.

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    I was one of those lucky moms whose baby just magically started sleeping through the night on her own. Sleep training; sleep techniques; books on sleep -- none of that was ever a discussion in our house, because my baby ruled when it came to night-night. At around 12 weeks, the week I was set to go back to work, my little girl went to sleep around 8 and woke up at 7 -- and for well over a year, that was her pattern. Even when she was teething, she rarely woke up. And when she did, all it took was a diaper change and some cuddles, and she was back to sleep, without so much as a whimper.

    But she just learned to climb out of her crib and it seriously threw a wrench into our perfect situation.

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    For all the parents out there who share their bed with their toddler, I have a comforter for you. It's the His Side, Her Side, TODDLER MIDDLE blanket (with matching pillows!). And if there ever was a bed set to tell it like it is, this is it.

    Now every time you walk into your bedroom, Moms and Dads, you're reminded of who's really boss in the middle of the night. (Hint: It's your 2-year-old and his flailing arms and bicycling legs.)

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    A photo popped up in my Facebook feed the other day that looked all too familiar. My friend's toddler had taken to popping out of his bed at night and setting himself up -- blanket and all -- in front of their refrigerator. His desperate parents were turning to the Internets with a question as old as time: how do I get my toddler to sleep in his own bed?

    Of course, I had to stop mid-scrolling and throw my two cents in. I've been there. Ohhhh, have I been there! For months, my daughter slept in a tent rather than in her perfectly comfortable bed!

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    I don't consider myself a "helicopter parent," but if you were to ask my parents what they thought of my mommy-ing, they'd probably say I have too many silly rules about cookies and napping. And the one thing they'd complain about that's bugging them lately: she needs to let that child stay up later, especially on Christmas Eve. Let me explain. My folks, who like to maintain fairly traditional Italian holiday customs, enjoy hosting Christmas Eve at their home. They fry enough fish to feed 20 people and get a kick out of decorating every inch of their house. We don't sit down to eat until 8 or 8:30 and, if they had their way, we'd attend midnight mass and go back to their home for even more dessert. As much as I love my parents, their way of doing things on Xmas isn't exactly compatible with having a 2-year-old. And I can't help but wonder: is there a point where new parents should start taking over the holidays?

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