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    Picture this: You're sitting down for dinner with your family and your child uses all of his strength to pull up an extra chair. He says, "Here you go, Tommy. Do you want some salad?"

    Only, there's no Tommy. There's no one in that chair. But, hey, good for you for offering him some salad, kid. What's a mom supposed to say or do when her kid starts talking to an imaginary friend? Is it normal?

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    Here's the scenario: You're going at it. All of a sudden, mid-thrust or mid-moan (for extra embarrassment), you hear a little voice. "Mommy, what are you and daddy doing?"

    You have three choices: Run and hide, lie, or offer an explanation on the fly ("Daddy and I just wresting, honey!"). Then stress-out for months afterward about whether your child will be emotionally scarred for life.

    But, there's a better way to do it (not talking sex tips here ... focus ... this is about keeping your kid from telling his whole preschool daddy's penis hurt you last night). You can get caught having sex and survive. It is possible.

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    It is so, so, SO hard to teach kids to tie their shoes. And between all the Velcro and slip-on styles out there today, many kids are mastering this milestone later than the usual 5 to 6 age range, says Keri Wilmot, a pediatric occupational therapist at Yet while parents can put off teaching this skill, sooner or later, you've got to sit down with your kids and show them the ropes. Here's how.

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    When Can Kids Tie Their Own Shoes?

    posted by Judy Dutton September 12 at 12:00 PM in Big Kid
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    For kids, learning to tie their shoes is the equivalent of mastering quantum physics for adults. This major milestone takes tons of brain power, not to mention motor skills, to learn which string goes where and when to pull them tight. If you've been coaching your child for months with no luck, the reason may merely be that he's just not developmentally ready for this tricky task.

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    Megan Fox recently called her son Bodhi a "beast." No, she wasn't being cruel -- she was being honest. Fox says she discovered her 6-month-old is in the 95th percentile for height and weight after a recent trip to the doctor, prompting her to reveal that she has an "enormous child."

    Now, if you can relate to Fox's situation, you know there isn't anything wrong with having a big baby or child. In fact, strangers will often marvel at your child's size and make comments that always include the words "healthy" and "wow!" But those of us whose children are NOT dainty little China dolls also know it isn't always easy raising a "beast."

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    I've been bracing myself ever since my mommy friends warned me it would happen. "It" being toddler masturbation. Sooner or later, my daughter may discover a certain part of her body that, well, feels good to touch. "My son's hand is jammed down his pants non-stop!" confessed one of my friends. "Mine humps the car seat -- so embarrassing!" admits another.

    No matter how comfortable we adults are with our own sexuality, toddler masturbation is bound to make us uncomfortable. Still, since sitting there tongue-tied isn't the answer, here's a primer on how to navigate through this awkward conversation without giving your kids a hangup that'll haunt them later in life.

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    Baby's first steps videos are constantly uploaded and shared with friends and family, but the latest -- of a toddler learning to walk -- will really melt your heart. Two-year-old Kayden Kinckle was born with omhalocele, a birth defect in which an infant's organs develop outside the body, and had a band wrapped around both his legs and feet. When he was just a baby, he had two abdominal surgeries, and earlier this year, doctors amputated his right foot and his left leg. And now with the help of a walker, Kayden has taken his first steps.

    Grab your tissues and take a look at the video below:

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    If you have a baby who is comforted by thumb sucking, it can be a relief. Thumbs can't be accidentally forgotten at home, and you don't have to keep buying more -- the way you do with pacifiers. But Moms, let's talk about what happens when it's time for your tot to give up their precious thumb.

    You can take a pacifier away from a baby, but you can't cut off your child's thumb and throw it away! So how do you wean a thumb sucker? Help is on the way!

    Here are the experts' dos and don'ts for breaking your child of the thumb sucking habit.

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    STEM girls rock. Ladies who pursue education and careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are just downright cool for going after their dreams despite the fact that it's still a male-dominated field.

    But would even more girls choose to follow their math and science aspirations if their parents told them they were pretty smart in addition to just being pretty? That's the message behind a powerful new ad from Verizon called "Inspire Her Mind," which is part of a campaign to get more girls interested in the STEM fields.

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    Hillary and Jeff Whittington, parents from San Diego, California, were honored this week at the 6th Annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast for helping their child transition from female to male at just 5 years old. At the breakfast, they shared a video that documents their journey with their child, Ryland Whittington, who was born a girl in 2008.   

    Ryland suffered severe hearing problems when she was just 12 months old and was fitted with cochlear implants. And as soon as she got the operation and learned how to speak, she declared to her parents, "I am a boy." Although this could've been easily blown off as a "phase," Jeff and Hillary realized Ryland's feeling that she was a he only got stronger with time. When Ryland reportedly told her parents, "When the family dies, I will cut my hair so I could be a boy. Why did God make me like this?" they came to a conclusion with the help of experts: Ryland is transgender.

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