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    Ain't no cure for the summertime stir-crazy toddler blues? Au contraire! In fact, in my experience, keeping little ones busy during the summer is easier than any other time of year. Why? Well, think about it: Any toddler worth his or her salt loves making massive messes more than anything, and warm weather means those massive messes can be made outside -- phew! Truth is, nearly any sort of water play or finger painting or bubble blowing will occupy most small children for hours on end -- but just in case they (or you) are in desperate need of a new activity, we found 5 super fun, super easy ways to keep toddlers (and you) entertained this summer. And you know what's even better? Most of them won't cost you much more than a dime! (Theoretically speaking. Cause what can you actually get for a dime nowadays?) Anyway ... have a blast!

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    Little kids and long road trips go together like peanut butter and, uh, tuna salad. Which is to say that small children and travel are NOT always two great tastes that taste great together, if you know what I mean. Still, at some point this summer, you'll most likely have to spend a substantial amount of time in a moving vehicle with your tot.

    My kids are older now (though not too old to whine about how much longer and are we there yet over and over again), but I remember their early adventures quite well -- how could I possibly forget?

    Anyway, if you want to survive that substantial amount of time, you'll need to arm yourself accordingly. Here are 10 tried-and-true must-haves for any road trip with kids ... don't leave home without 'em!

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    Summer is just around the corner -- what are you planning to do with your kids? Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry already has her summer bucket list and it's loaded with adventures for herself and for her son Isaac. She posted her list on Instagram and it's filled with super-fun ideas for kids' activities in the sun.

    Um, well, except maybe not "swim with sharks." She'll probably leave Isaac home for that one.

    But even some of those grown-up activities like sewing and reading a novel in Spanish could be translated into something cool for her son, too. Are you getting ideas?

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    Let me on!So it's happened. An actual airline has issued a ban on children under the age of 12 in parts of their planes. Big parts, as Malaysia Airlines has said no kids allowed in their top level business and economy class, and no babies in their first class section on the bottom level.

    While I can think of people I've travelled with who are a hell of a lot more offensive than my children, my initial anger at this proclamation from Malaysia Air has turned into joy. Why, you may ask?

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    Next week, I leave with the kids for a week-long trip to Disney World. It's their first time and we're all quite excited for the experience ... except for one unfortunate detail: We're driving.

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  • 7 Reasons Your Kid's Summer Birthday Sucks

    posted by Aunt Becky September 1, 2011 at 11:17 AM in Big Kid
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    When I was a kid, I remember being hideously disappointed each year as my friends lugged in plate after plate of sugary goodness to share with the class, each of us stopping our work to imbibe that delicious Orange Drink and sing "Happy Birthday" to the lucky kid, before we dove head-first into the cuppity-cakes the kid brought.

    I wasn't jealous over the goodies: no. I wasn't even jealous because my classmates weren't warbling to me. I was jealous because I'd been blessed with a birthday that fell squarely into the hot, sweaty asscrack of summer: July.

    You know what happens when you have a summer birthday? NOTHING.

    Here are the top reasons having a summer birthday sucks for kids.

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    A Minnesota family is breathing a big sigh of relief as their 2-year-old son was found safe yesterday after being left at the lake by himself. When leaving Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, both parents thought the other had him. When they arrived at their destination, they discovered he was missing.

    Police were called, a search ensued, and fortunately the boy was found safe. He'd been alone for an hour, and the horrible things that could have happened -- especially around a body of water -- are unimaginable. How could they? we wonder, but the truth is, it could happen to any of us.

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    As a mother of four, Brooke Burke has learned a thing or two about kid-friendly fun in the summertime. Take a look at this pic of Burke and her 5-year-old daughter Heaven Rain getting ready to hit the beach near their home in Malibu: These bathing beauties are well-prepared!

    Preparation is the key to having a fab family day at the beach. I know, you used to be good to go with a pair of sunglasses and a bikini top, but you'll need to tack a few more essential items onto your packing list now that you've got tots. Still, as Burke proves, you can be fully stocked without going overboard.

    First thing to jump out at me in this shot ... tissues! Now, as you most likely already know, tissues come in handy no matter where you're going with your kids, but this is especially true of the beach. There are countless beach-related crises that a tissue can fix: Salt water up somebody's nose, sunscreen in somebody's eye, hands that are too sandy to eat a sandwich. Don't leave home without 'em!

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    As far as toddlers are concerned, the summer is one big naked party. Think about it: If we weren't so self-conscious and/or worried about getting arrested, we'd be stripping down, too. Clothes are lame.

    Of course, this philosophy is all well and good when you're at home or splashing around in the kiddie pool in your backyard, but what about when your toddler starts disrobing at the playground? Or the beach? Or in line at the grocery store? There definitely comes a time when naked kid in public = not cool. But when?

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  • What a Drowning Child Looks Like

    posted by April Peveteaux June 8, 2011 at 6:30 PM in Toddler
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    It's summertime, which means swimming pools, trips to the ocean, and lakefront summer barbecues. While these fantastic activities are great ways for you to spend quality time with your family, it's also time to be on high alert as your children head towards the water. But what should you be watching for? Flailing hands and screams of "Help!"? Lots of splashing and freaking out?

    Actually, no. That's not at all what a drowning victim looks like. And what's even more frightening is how most of us could easily ignore a drowning child, and have no idea what horrible thing is happening right in front of our eyes. Because a drowning child is completely still and silent. Even more frightening, once people enter this stage called the instinctive drowning response, you only have between 20 and 60 seconds to save them.

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