Toddler Picky Eaters

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    Your child may have happily devoured kale, quinoa, and couscous when she was a baby, but as any parent of a toddler can tell you, the older kids get, the pickier they become.

    Instead of hiding "healthy" food in other food, give one of these adorable healthy breakfasts a whirl. Few kids will be able to resist chomping on a waffle lion, a bunny pancake, or a palm tree made of nutrient-rich fruits.

    More from The Stir: 5 Yummy Grilled Foods for Kids -- Besides Hot Dogs

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    Any parent who has ever had a picky eater on their hands knows it can be frustrating. The food your kid seemed to gobble down a month ago is now pushed away, and they seem to want to subsist on just one or two foods. You're doing everything you can think of to get them to eat ... but are you making it worse?

    Turns out sometimes the tricks parents employ with the best intentions are actually making the matter worse. Want your child to eat up? Don't try any of these common mistakes at home!

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    Got a picky eater in your house? Feeding your toddler the same food day in and day out because they just won't eat anything else can be  boring as all get out... not to mention stressful for a mom who worries their kiddo isn't eating enough. But good news is here!

    Picky eating is absolutely normal for younger kids says Jill Castle, childhood nutrition expert and co-author of Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters From High Chair to High School. " It is generally a "phase" that will pass," Castle explains.

    OK, so that's good news, but until they're out of the phase, how do you know your picky eater is getting enough nutrients? Here are some easy tips to keep your toddler healthy, even when they're turning their nose up at every meal!

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    When I was 16 my mom worked and my parents were separated, so I ate dinner a few nights a week alone. Only I didn't actually eat my dinner -- I wrapped it up in a paper bag and tossed it down the sewer across the street. Before I did this, I was careful to smear the residue of my meal on a plate and leave it unwashed in the sink. When you're young it's easy to think up a hundred ways to deceive, especially when you need to trick everyone around you in order to hold on to your eating disorder for dear life. I am a normal weight now and eat almost everything -- almost everything that is healthy, I should say. The truth is I still have food hang-ups and "rules" that I follow to maintain control of my weight. 

    It's crazy, it's unhealthy, it's a horrible way to view food. And it's one I know I'm inflicting upon my 2-year-old daughter. These are five ways I fear I am screwing up my daughter's attitude toward food. 

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    There's a part of me that is not too pleased about how there are eggs being sold with princesses and pirates on them. You choose -- you can't have a carton with both a princess and a pirate ... yet. This is in Norway so don't freak out. Kids aren't eating enough eggs there so they are resorting to this. Is this gender marketing? I don't think so. There will always be pink and princesses with magic wands. There will always be swashbuckling pirates who say aargh. And there will always be boys and girls who love them. And I do mean both. My daughter loves pirates. She also adores princesses. My son has also worn princess crowns, barrettes, and plays with Barbies who go for rides on his Matchbox cars as if they were skateboards.

    And if my picky eater kids are going to actually want to eat eggs just because they are in a princess package, then I'm all for it. In fact, I have some other suggestions.

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    Not only is Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's divorce getting ugly, it's getting incredibly nit-picky: The couple is now fighting over what their 3-year-old daughter Bryn eats. According to Jason, Bethenny -- who has admitted to having issues with food in the past -- is obsessed with what Bryn eats. According to a source, "Bethenny obsessively monitors what Bryn eats," while Jason lets her occasionally indulge in sweets. Jason's alleging that Bethenny's food issues are hurting their daughter’s health.

    And to that I say O RLY?!

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    How is this for a guilt-inducing headline? "You'll Gladly Die for Your Children: Why Won't You Cook for Them?" Oh man, you think you're a great parent who would sacrifice anything for your kids. BUT YOU WON'T EVEN CUT UP A TOMATO FOR THEM! What kind of a hypocritical monster parent are you?!?

    Yoni Freedhoff's point is simply that we need to feed our kids better by cooking from nutritious ingredients, not feeding them from boxes, mixes, and fast food. AND we need to take on the food industry and quit letting them boss us around, making us buy our kids crummy processed food. It's the only decent thing for parents to do.

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  • Why I Feed My Toddler An Anti-Cancer Diet

    posted by Joanna Montgomery February 2, 2013 at 11:03 AM in Toddler
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    Can you imagine if you had never put anything unhealthy into your body? No fried foods, candy, caffeine, soft drinks, alcohol, drugs, red dye #40, processed foods, chemicals, hormones or any of that other known bad stuff? Not to mention if you had never intentionally baked your body in the sun, smoked cigarettes or placed yourself in a cloud of aerosol hair spray daily for years? If your body was as pure and toxin-free as it could be?

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    What do you feed a picky toddler? Every little person is different, but many of them would rather run around and explore the world than sit down and EAT. That was definitely my experience. It's enough to make some parents worry. Even Bethenny Frankel asked via Twitter this weekend: "What's a go to food that you give your children when they don't want to eat but you want some nutrition & calories? Mine is eggs or pbj."

    The first response? Some joker replied, "I give mine a bottle of Skinnygirl so they'll shut up and fall asleep." HA HA, very funny. (Unless Skinnygirl comes out with a vitamin-enriched cocktail mix? Kidding!) But seriously, Bethenny got some great, serious responses from a lot of her followers.

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    The devastating news that Hostess is going out of business has been hitting consumers hard. Well, it's been hitting some consumers harder than others. Some adults responded by buying up all the Twinkies and selling them on eBay. And other people are just crying. Like little Lucas here, a three-year-old who can't bear the idea that his beloved chocolate chip muffins may soon disappear. Time for a HOSTESS MELTDOWWWNNN!

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