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    Now that we are thoroughly in the thick of graduation season, words of wisdom and sound bites galore from commencement speeches are just about everywhere. Speakers almost always try to address the same question: What does it take for any kid to make their dream come true when you "grow up"? For many of us, half the battle is figuring out what your dream is! Meanwhile, others are unflinchingly POSITIVE about their dream.

    One 5-year-old boy named Jathan Muhar definitely falls into the latter camp. Upon graduating from preschool, he announced exactly what he wants to be when he grows up, and his hilarious, absolutely amazing declaration is understandably now going viral.

    Check it out ...

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    In the blink of an eye, your baby went from helpless newborn to boisterous toddler. And you know what that means: Time for preschool.


    While some moms are quick to strap a backpack onto their 2-year-old and send them on their merry way, others agonize over whether their toddler is ready for preschool.


    The decision of whether to send your little one off to the land of gluing, cutting, and snack time doesn't have to be fraught with anxiety. In fact, your child may be more ready for preschool ... than you are.

    This list of dos and don'ts can help you decide if it's time for preschool.

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    Children's food allergies are no joke. As the parent of a child who is allergic to nuts, I appreciate the fact my son's school is nut-free. I think it's wonderful that classrooms across the country take the health threat seriously. However, even I have to admit that some schools take things too far. Case in point: a daycare in Ottawa suspended a 2-year-old for three days because she was in possession of a cheese sandwich. The situation is even more ridiculous once you learn the details.

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    One of the most bittersweet moments in a mom's life HAS to be the first time she sends her little one off to the wonderful new world of preschool.

    On the one hand, she's finally free to do whatever she pleases for a few hours without having a toddler attached to her hip. Then again, it's a bit terrifying and sad to give up control and walk away -- especially the very first time she drops her "baby" off.

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    In what seems to be a very scary and unfortunate new trend these days, yet another toddler was left on a cold school bus for a period of almost six hours. Understandably, his mom is more than a little bit concerned.

    Mishiloh Akturk put her 3-year-old on the bus around 8 a.m. and sent him off to school, but she did not realize her poor kid had spent his school day trapped on a bus versus in his classroom where he belonged until she received a phone call at 2 p.m.

    At that point, the transportation office informed her that the child "sat on the bus all day without heat or food or anything." She's assuming he fell asleep and the driver simply did not realize he was still on the bus. Did I mention that the bus is equipped with a Child Reminder System, which makes a noise as soon as the bus is turned off as a reminder to check the vehicle for sleeping kiddos?

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    Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry may have grown up and found her happily ever after with husband Javi Marroquin, but some of the struggles of being a teenage mother are darn near impossible to shake off. Kail will always have to deal with ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Jo Rivera. With that comes dealing with Jo's sometimes bizarre ideas about how to raise their son, Isaac. And when I say bizarre, I mean, have you heard Jo's latest complaint about Kailyn's parenting?

    Here, I'll let Kail tell you what's going down:

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    OMG. I know we've all seen plenty of these heartwarming military reunion videos -- but this new one of a 4-year-old girl clinging to her father after he surprised her with his homecoming is definitely one of the best yet.

    Little Neveah had not seen her daddy, Sgt. Sedale Benjamin, in an entire year before he walked into her preschool classroom last Thursday. Yep ... a year. He had not been on U.S. soil since December 12th, 2012. (Think about that for a sec.)

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    The parents of a 3-year-old boy are understandably disappointed and upset after he was accepted and then rejected by a preschool presumably due to his autism and diabetes.

    Little Jesse Weiser has been asking to go to school for quite some time, so you can only imagine his parents' elation when he was told he could attend a private Montessori nursery school near their home. But since Jessie is autistic and has diabetes, which requires him to carry around an emergency pack full of supplies should his blood sugar drop -- his parents double-checked with the school to make sure it would be ok since the kit contains peanut butter.

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    Today in awkward letters sent home from school, a pre-k teacher openly admitted to parents that she doesn't like touching their kids. But she's not a kid hater, ya'll. The educator at the BUILD Academy in Buffalo, New York is just sick and tired of smelly kids being sent to school.

    You know what? I can't say that I blame her. Kids should be clean when they go to school. Period.

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    Whew! What a relief. According to a new study published in the International Journal of Behavioural Development, some children's behavior problems can be attributed to their genes. Yep -- they may inherit crappy traits from us, which is why some of them act out when they enter the preschool phase while other children are perfectly fine and continue to thrive.

    Researchers at Oregon State University looked at 233 different families. And guess what? The kids whose parents were more negative and lacked self-control were the ones who were more likely to have behavior issues after being shipped off to preschool.

    And I guess you could look at the results and see them in a bad light, well -- because the research suggests that some of our kids are actually meant to turn into monsters.

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