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    10 Car Activities for Kids

    posted by Judy Dutton September 5 at 4:00 PM in Toddler
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    If driving with your toddler whining from the back seat "Are we there yet?" or hearing your kids squabbling over "their half" of the car makes you want to drop them by the curb, well, we totally get it. And even an iPad or DVD player can lose their luster as the hours drag on. That's why we polled parents and bloggers on their best ways to entertain a toddler in a car. Try a few of their suggestions, and you may be surprised how you don't hear a peep until the ride is over.

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    Who knows how it started or why it amuses most children so much, but the "I got your nose" game has helped millions of parents get out of tricky situations (read: tantrums) by stopping them dead in their angry or sad tracks and making them laugh uncontrollably at the idea that someone took their noses off.

    But one little girl was so not amused by the game. In fact, the idea of her adorable nose being stolen and not returned to her made her totally freak out. And, like all good parents who want to preserve these precious moments so they can show them to their children when they're older, this mom and dad caught the whole thing on video.

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    As parents, you will do anything to make your baby stop crying. Maybe you'll put them in the car and drive around the neighborhood endlessly in the middle of the night. You might even gently sing them their favorite lullaby as you rock them peacefully. Or you might blast some hardcore Nine Inch Nails songs to soothe the baby.

    At least that's what Gary Kennedy did to calm his crying toddler. The little girl may have been wildly sobbing, but as soon as "Copy of A" comes on, she's happily dancing and smiling. Check it out:

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    Remember when "Gangnam Style" was the it dance to come out of South Korea two years ago? Well lucky for us, the dance sensation of summer 2K14 has finally arrived. And it's all courtesy of one adorable chubby Korean baby.

    The latest dancing baby video to go viral features two siblings from South Korea grooving to "I Got My Eye on You" by Nari & Milani and Cristian Marchi. While the brother stands timidly on the left, his sister wastes no time busting her moves. And once the beat drops, it's game over. Check her out:

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    I'm raising my three-year-old oblivious to all current music... while I still can.I long ago lost the battle for TV influence to her daycare classmates, who sucked her into "Elmo" and now "Doc McStuffins" and will probably teach her to smoke soon.

    But in the car, my iTunes library is all the music that exists. And most of the selections I play from it were recorded 15 of her lifetimes ago.

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    Children get into the wildest spots, don't they? They find ways to climb, descend, and scale places and things we could never dream of conquering. But just wait until you hear this story!

    A 24-year-old woman in Lincoln, Nebraska reported her 3-year-old son as missing after she notice that he must have slipped out of the home when she went to the bathroom.

    At the same time, customers at Madsen's Bowling and Billiards restaurant also called the police when they noticed a little boy was stuck the arcade toy claw machine. He was hanging out and playing with the toys. Just having a grand ol' time!

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    A little girl got the most thrilling and heartwarming gift of her life on her third birthday. Not a pony. Not a unicorn. Not a trip to Disney World. Better -- much, much better. When little cutie pie Bridget Carr was greeted by her mom with a gift so big it nearly dwarfed her, she couldn't contain her excitement. And like lots of kiddies, it took her forever to meticulously unwrap the giant red bow and green wrapping paper. But the surprise inside was well worth the wait -- and captured on video so we can all share in her joy at what she discovered inside: her military daddy just arrived home from Afghanistan!

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    Beyoncé and Jay Z have the world at their fingertips and there's no doubt they could have thrown daughter Blue Ivy whatever second birthday bash their hearts desired. I don't know about you, but I was expecting something BIG -- a champagne bash at the Waldorf Astoria, maybe -- since we all know toddler birthday parties are usually more for parents and their friends than for the child of honor. Oh, and let's not forget the entertainers spent $200K on Blue Ivy's first birthday AND gave her a diamond-encrusted Barbie. So you can't blame me for making assumptions.

    But the duo did something far more surprising to celebrate their little girl. They held as much of a kid-centric party as you can possibly can (considering how much privacy you'd need if you were these two) and closed down Jungle Island bird sanctuary within the Miami Zoo to give their princess a fairly modest bash she'll never, ever remember. 

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    I don't consider myself a "helicopter parent," but if you were to ask my parents what they thought of my mommy-ing, they'd probably say I have too many silly rules about cookies and napping. And the one thing they'd complain about that's bugging them lately: she needs to let that child stay up later, especially on Christmas Eve. Let me explain. My folks, who like to maintain fairly traditional Italian holiday customs, enjoy hosting Christmas Eve at their home. They fry enough fish to feed 20 people and get a kick out of decorating every inch of their house. We don't sit down to eat until 8 or 8:30 and, if they had their way, we'd attend midnight mass and go back to their home for even more dessert. As much as I love my parents, their way of doing things on Xmas isn't exactly compatible with having a 2-year-old. And I can't help but wonder: is there a point where new parents should start taking over the holidays?

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    New and pregnant moms are full of hope and wonder. We want to believe everything we see on TV or witness much cooler and laidback moms doing. So we begin to make plans to take our baby to crazy places or to stay at home and do Incredible Thing #1 and Incredible Thing #2 with them. We don't for a moment even consider that baby still needs diaper changes, 15 bottles or snacks or meals per day, or might have colic or need naps while all that incredible-ness is going on. I once had BIG PLANS for this child of mine. Needless to say, I've scaled back my expectations. But here are 5 things I swore I'd do with my baby when she was either still a baby or a toddler. Let the ridicule begin!

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