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    If you've got a 2-year-old on your hands, you've probably reached a mommy milestone: the one where you wonder what the heck the difference is between a size 24-month garment in the baby department and the same basic garment that's a size 2T in the toddler department. After all, 24 months is 2 years, right? (We're pretty confident we've got the math right on that.) So why do both sizes exist -- and which one should you buy for your child? 

    That all depends.

    Is your 24-month-old a baby or a toddler?

    Still confused?

    Read on.

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    My 3-year-old daughter now picks her clothes because I have learned to pick my battles.

    When I made wardrobe purchases for her, disappointment invariably ensued on the one day she attended preschool each week.

    "Bad daddy!" she actually said once, holding up a pair of mute-toned sweatpants that were apparently so toddler yesterday.

    So Skylar and I now shop together -- which, I must say, makes looking through size 4 Disney Princess underwear packages feel a lot less pedophile-y. (P.S. My wife works all day, since she is the real man in our household.)

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    Ultimately, the room you provide for your child should be a space for them to enjoy, but that doesn't mean toys and chaos. Not only does this happy girl's room have tons of fun little details (love that delightful red bed frame with its gold tipped knobs), but the storage ideas are subtle and stylish yet functional.

    Check them out.

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    Child safety gates are pretty high on parents' "childproofing" to-do lists. They're super handy in keeping the children off the stairs, out of rooms, and away from dangerous objects. But they do have their dangers. Boy do they have dangers! A new study released in this month's issue of Academic Pediatrics shows that baby-gate related injuries have quadrupled since 1990.

    According to researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, when used incorrectly, the gates can lead to some very serious injuries.

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    Sigh. When I came across an article this morning over on Today debating whether or not putting a child on a "leash" is acceptable, I tried my best to keep an open mind since I've always had such a strong opinion on the subject. To put it quite simply -- I can't stand them.

    And yes, I said a "leash," as in one of those little backpacks toddlers wear with a harness attached to them that parents hold onto so their little ones don't wander off in public.

    I won't lie -- as I read through some of the points made by Katy Maher, a "pro-harness" mom, I nodded my head a little because she sort of makes sense. She likes using the leash because it allows her child to be able to safely "explore" while they navigate the streets of Chicago.

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    Have you heard about the picture of a child tied to a lamp post by a leash that was taken at a St. Patrick's Day parade in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania over the weekend?

    Yep. Someone snapped a shot of a little kid who appears to be no more than 2 or so watching the festivities of the day -- all while tethered to a pole.

    And by leash, I mean one of those backpack things that some parents use to keep tabs on their kiddos in airports and other crowded places.

    There is no word on who took the photo, or whether or not the parents were nearby (or possibly even took the pic as some sort of joke). Regardless, it's causing quite the stir.

    Check it out.

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    When we put our kids in their car seats -- coats off, buckle here, buckle there, snap, snap, snap, secure -- we feel like we've got them in this chamber of safety. It seems so safe, when we put on our own seat belt, we think, Wow, that's it? Even with all the buckling and protection that a car seat offers a child, adults are still safer in the event of an accident with our simple seat belt. This is because kids' bodies just aren't as developed or able to survive an accident without an increased risk of harm. We have to be on top of the latest car seat safety rules. Thankfully federal regulators are and have proposed a new standard for car seat side-impact protection. But this so-called new standard has been trying to get passed for a decade.

    As it is now, the side-impact protection on many seats is not safe enough because car seats were only required to test based on accidents from the front. There's a good chance your kid's car seat isn't as safe as it could be.

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    Getting into a car accident with our kids in the vehicle has to be one of the scariest scenarios any parent can conceive of -- which is something one man knows all too well this week.

    While traveling on the highway, Xavier Robinson's car was hit from behind, which caused him to lose control -- resulting in the car flipping over four times and landing in a ditch. And all he could think about while the accident was taking place was his little cousin -- who was traveling with him that day in the back seat.

    After he crawled out of the car, he immediately discovered that 4-year-old Vallillian Burns had been thrown from the vehicle. Luckily, she was alive and only had a small scratch on her cheek. And you can probably guess what Xavier credits with saving her life.

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    Before you spend your holiday weekend doing a little late-fall cleaning in your little one's room, make sure you're aware of this super-important news concerning two popular toddler and children's clothing items that have recently been recalled. Little Willy's Hooded Sweatshirts and American Boy and Girl's "Susan" Sandal have been recalled because both pose choking hazards, according to manufacturers.

    Recalls are always frightening, but here's everything you need to know.


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  • Mom Moment

    15 Things Only Crunchy Moms Worry About

    posted by Jenny Erikson October 25, 2013 at 11:28 PM in Toddler
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    Crunchy mamas. Also known as granola, natural, earthy, or just plain old hippie moms. They are the gurus that don’t worry about whether Baby Einstein will turn their babies into TV addicts, because they probably don’t even own a set. They cloth diaper, co-sleep, and delay vaccinations -- if they don’t opt out entirely.

    But not everything is always roses, no matter how nutrient rich the organic compost is. Here is a list of 15 things that only crunchy moms really worry about.

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