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    There's nothing wrong with having a little fun and playing a joke or two on the fam for April Fools' Day, but when it comes to our kids, there is definitely a fine line between making them laugh and making them cry.

    Sure ... it would be sort of on the funny side to tell them you're jetting off to Disney World when they wake up on April 1 -- but when you tell them it's not really happening, be prepared for the tantrum of all tantrums.

    But there are a few cute ways you can still have a little fun with them without scarring them for life or doing any sort of permanent damage.

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    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've not only seen the movie Frozen -- you've also tried every trick in the book to get the damn soundtrack out of your head.

    But some of us are definitely a little more fond of the tunes from the flick than others -- like this couple lip-syncing to "Love Is an Open Door" in the car while their little girl listens in the back seat.

    After watching this video, I think you'll agree that a.) these people have way too much time on their hands, and b.) they should probably think about quitting their jobs and applying with the Disney Cruise Line. Stat. (They'd get hired on the spot. I'm sure of it.)

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    An actual, real, totally legitimate professional Belgian soccer club has signed a 20-month-old boy named Bryce Brites to its team. No, they didn't sign a 20-year-old. You actually read that right -- they signed a toddler! According to the FC Racing Boxberg's club secretary, Bryce has incredible control of the ball for someone his age and kicks in a way that surpasses the skills of a 5-year-old child. I'll admit: the tot definitely has some fancy foot moves, as we can see from video shot of him on the field. But I'm also comparing him to other kids his age, most of whom would probably lose interest in the ball after five minutes and sit down to play with the grass.

    Weirdly, Bryce isn't even the youngest child to be signed by a pro team. Baerke van der Meij, who was 18 months old at the time he got the nod from a Dutch soccer association, gets that honor. This all begs the question: even if we spot talent in our very young children, is it healthy to push them so soon?

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    Oy. There are some toddler groups out there who want to ban parents from using their phones while the group is meeting. That's right, the groups don't want moms and dads checking their iPhones out of fear that they won't be staring at their child while they're happily playing with other children at the park.

    We need to discuss.

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    Photographer Angie Keiser and her 4-year-old daughter, who's nicknamed Mayhem, like doing what many moms and toddler girls like doing: Playing dress-up. But Angie and Mayhem are different. See, they don't play dress-up with grandma's old clothes or dresses they found at a thrift store. They play dress-up with paper. And it's amazing.

    Over the past few months, Keiser has been showing off photos of her adorable daughter modeling dresses they crafted together using tape and paper on her Instagram feed, @2sisters_angie, and wow! If these amazing creations don't make you feel uncreative, I don't know what will.

    These outfits, which are inspired by movies, books, and field trips, are truly unbelievable, and Keiser said, "Cutting and taping paper is about all we do." (Whaaaa?!)

    Check out the amazingly beautiful paper dresses made by Angie Keiser and her daughter, Mayhem.

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    Quiz: What's Your Parenting Style?

    posted by Nicole Fabian-Weber February 26 at 10:51 AM in Toddler
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    If there's one thing the world really excels at, it's labeling parents. Moms in particular. It seems like everyone loves to judge and immediately slap a label on a person's parenting style. (And it's, need I say, pretty obnoxious.) Strict and run a tight ship? OMG, you're totally a Tiger Mom! Roar! Trust your kid walk to his friend's house alone? You're a Free Range Parent! Immediately pop up and rush over if your kid scrapes his knee at the playground? You're a Helicopter Parent!

    Ever wonder where you fall on the parenting label spectrum? Or where people think you fall (i.e., how they label you)?

    Below is a handy-dandy little quiz to tell you which kind of parent you are. Take it if you dare to come face to face with the truth ...

    (Note: This is for entertainment purposes!)

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    A little girl got the most thrilling and heartwarming gift of her life on her third birthday. Not a pony. Not a unicorn. Not a trip to Disney World. Better -- much, much better. When little cutie pie Bridget Carr was greeted by her mom with a gift so big it nearly dwarfed her, she couldn't contain her excitement. And like lots of kiddies, it took her forever to meticulously unwrap the giant red bow and green wrapping paper. But the surprise inside was well worth the wait -- and captured on video so we can all share in her joy at what she discovered inside: her military daddy just arrived home from Afghanistan!

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    My two-year-old daughter might be what you call "high maintenance." She doesn't like to play by herself, talks a blue streak, and is constantly looking for attention. One of her favorite phrases is "Look at me," something she says before doing somersaults or splits or -- gasp -- diving off the couch because another one of her traits is absolute fearlessness. I've caught her staring at herself in the mirror and pretending to cry. She asks about a gazillion questions a day about everything. Ev-er-y-thing.

    The problem is her mom is also high maintenance. I made the decision this year to quit my full-time job and do something that would allow me to raise my daughter, but as a work-from-home parent, I require hours during the day when I can just stare at a computer screen. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't often wonder if a daycare worker would do a better job of "raising" my daughter than I am.

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    I recently read a fabulous article by Sherrie Campbell called "8 Guaranteed Ways to Emotionally F*ck Up Your Kids." Now, to be honest, I originally clicked on the article because I imagined it to be some mocking list filled with humorous fare, like, "When they're taking a bath, scream 'Shark' and run out of the room." Though the actual piece was a lot more astute, I'm pretty sure that would be totally scarring as well.

    In fact, one moment of creatively messing with your kiddos (for your own amusement) could potentially last a lifetime (see Jimmy Kimmel). So when I finished the piece, I still wanted to read the sarcastic version. Who was gonna write that?

    Since I've already written lists about the lies we tell our kids to stay sane and the Momisms we trick them with, I thought, why not me?

    That said, here it is: 13 Guaranteed Ways to F*ck Up Your Kids (WARNING: DO NOT TRY THESE AT HOME, IF YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO TAKE CARE OF YOU WHEN YOU'RE OLD) ...

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    Yikes ... my eyes! I couldn't help but cover them over and over again while trying to get through this video of a 2-year-old from Australia riding a skateboard like he's some kind of pro.

    Yes, from everything I can tell, this video appears to be for reals. The kid is so young he isn't even out of diapers yet -- but somehow he manages to give adult pro skaters a run for their money.

    Check it out. And make sure you watch all the way up until after the one-minute mark -- when he starts going down hills and steps.

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