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    Who doesn't adore baby feet? Oh, the joy of finally seeing 10 toes after nine months of pregnancy! But the little footprints that lead straight to your heart only last for a short time. Kids grow so quick -- so don't forget to get them while you can! Crafting is the way to go. Pictures do not capture feet like actual footprints.

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    10 Car Activities for Kids

    posted by Judy Dutton September 5 at 4:00 PM in Toddler
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    If driving with your toddler whining from the back seat "Are we there yet?" or hearing your kids squabbling over "their half" of the car makes you want to drop them by the curb, well, we totally get it. And even an iPad or DVD player can lose their luster as the hours drag on. That's why we polled parents and bloggers on their best ways to entertain a toddler in a car. Try a few of their suggestions, and you may be surprised how you don't hear a peep until the ride is over.

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    Who knows how it started or why it amuses most children so much, but the "I got your nose" game has helped millions of parents get out of tricky situations (read: tantrums) by stopping them dead in their angry or sad tracks and making them laugh uncontrollably at the idea that someone took their noses off.

    But one little girl was so not amused by the game. In fact, the idea of her adorable nose being stolen and not returned to her made her totally freak out. And, like all good parents who want to preserve these precious moments so they can show them to their children when they're older, this mom and dad caught the whole thing on video.

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    There have been quite a few renditions of the oh so popular song "Let It Go" from the kiddie-cult flick Frozen. I love the one where it's just the parents giving a spirited version of the song in the car and Pearl Jam even covered it at a recent concert. But nothing will win the hearts of even the most frozen of them all than this father and daughter sing-along.

    Here is 3-year-old Blakely and her dad Billy belting out the tune in the car.

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    (This is the true story one of my previous Mother's Day written on that particular day as the events unfolded. Some names have been changed for no reason whatsoever.)Today, I'm officially the Queen. It's true, my children told me this when I awoke. By "awoke," I mean when they woke me at 8AM and said, "We let you sleep in Mommy, now wake up because you're the Queen today."

    I'm sure the Queen wakes up at 8AM on the days she sleeps in too.

    I'd like to note that, if the Queen is knee deep in pee, whining, and is constantly saying things like, "I will separate you two if I have to," and "Can someone extract this Lego from my foot?" than I am the Queen every day. I have a feeling she is not, but as I've been a Queen for 6 hours now, I thought I'd fill you in on what it's REALLY like.

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    The dangers of twerking are real, people! Just ask one mom who was practicing for an online dance-off, when her toddler daughter unexpectedly walked into her break-dancing zone.

    All was going well, the booty poppin' game was on point, until the baby decided to make a cameo appearance in the music video. And isn't that totally real? Kids can come out of absolutely nowhere and surprise us. Luckily, she's totally fine, and the mom said that she "didn't even cry." 

    But just check out her face! 

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    Every mom wants to raise a reader. But let's be honest for a second: every mom out there is guilty of just reading the words without really paying attention during bedtime because they really want their kid to go to sleep already. Moms, if this is you, beware! There are deep, dark, disturbing messages lurking in one of the most popular children's books of all time. Have you been reading Hop on Pop to your kids?

    Sure you have. It's a Dr. Seuss book, after all, and what mom hasn't entrusted her toddler's development to the great Theodor Geisel? 

    Mom, if this is you, it's time we have a talk. Hop on Pop is not the innocent rhyming tale of little ones playing with dad that you think it is!

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    There's nothing wrong with having a little fun and playing a joke or two on the fam for April Fools' Day, but when it comes to our kids, there is definitely a fine line between making them laugh and making them cry.

    Sure ... it would be sort of on the funny side to tell them you're jetting off to Disney World when they wake up on April 1 -- but when you tell them it's not really happening, be prepared for the tantrum of all tantrums.

    But there are a few cute ways you can still have a little fun with them without scarring them for life or doing any sort of permanent damage.

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    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've not only seen the movie Frozen -- you've also tried every trick in the book to get the damn soundtrack out of your head.

    But some of us are definitely a little more fond of the tunes from the flick than others -- like this couple lip-syncing to "Love Is an Open Door" in the car while their little girl listens in the back seat.

    After watching this video, I think you'll agree that a.) these people have way too much time on their hands, and b.) they should probably think about quitting their jobs and applying with the Disney Cruise Line. Stat. (They'd get hired on the spot. I'm sure of it.)

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    An actual, real, totally legitimate professional Belgian soccer club has signed a 20-month-old boy named Bryce Brites to its team. No, they didn't sign a 20-year-old. You actually read that right -- they signed a toddler! According to the FC Racing Boxberg's club secretary, Bryce has incredible control of the ball for someone his age and kicks in a way that surpasses the skills of a 5-year-old child. I'll admit: the tot definitely has some fancy foot moves, as we can see from video shot of him on the field. But I'm also comparing him to other kids his age, most of whom would probably lose interest in the ball after five minutes and sit down to play with the grass.

    Weirdly, Bryce isn't even the youngest child to be signed by a pro team. Baerke van der Meij, who was 18 months old at the time he got the nod from a Dutch soccer association, gets that honor. This all begs the question: even if we spot talent in our very young children, is it healthy to push them so soon?

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