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    When I reached out to a photographer friend to book our family portrait, I had just one request. We needed to schedule an appointment for sometime before the babysitter leaves for college. We didn't need our babysitter to occupy our child or encourage her to smile with funny faces. As a family portrait photographer myself, I've seen it happen, but our daughter is 9 and quite capable of following directions. Instead, we were booking a pre-college shoot because our babysitter needed to be in our family portrait.

    In as in standing in line with my husband, my daughter, and me, smiling at the birdie.

    He made it happen, and the photos are everything I wanted them to be. But as soon as I uploaded them to Facebook, the comments flooded in.

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    There is no shortage of nightmare nanny stories out there, but what's happening to the Bracamontes family is among the most bizarre. After being fired, their  live-in refuses to leave. She literally won't leave the house and there is little they can do about it.

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    Three options exist for me when my daughter needs changing, the car is too far, and there is no family bathroom. They include: (1) walking her by a bank of dangling adult penises, only to discover there's no changing table anyway; (2) risking arrest by entering a women's room myself; or (3) assigning a stranger to escort her inside, based on the theory that having female body parts makes one entirely trustworthy.

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    I will never lie to my daughter. I remember promising this to myself. That was before we got her the "phone" that was really an iPod Touch. And before we started taking it out of her crib at bedtime, claiming that it needs charging. And before we told her that frozen yogurt was ice cream. Then there are the Top 3 lies we all tell our kids: (1) If you don't come with me now, you're staying here; (2) We're almost there; and (3) We'll come back tomorrow.

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    I love watching videos of cute cats doing cute things to and with cute babies. But I love it more in theory than in practice because, if I can be honest, I don't entirely trust kitties around young people who aren't strong enough yet to defend themselves against the most powerful and evil creatures on earth. 

    Oh, I'm kidding -- sort of. Despite the fact that I gave up my cat when my daughter was born because I couldn't deal with watching him stalk her crib and, oh yeah, she hated everyone else who walked into our home so how could I be sure she wouldn't try and mutilate my child, I really can find the adorable factor in this video. It shows a crazy-cute cat bathing a 1-year-old toddler with its sweet little tongue. I'm not hyperventilating. I swear.

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    Daily life with an active toddler can be ... well, kind of challenging and exhausting, to say the least. Between chasing them around, trying to successfully get them down for a nap, cleaning up various messes, and still squeezing in some good quality play time -- anything that makes our days run a little smoother is welcome and very much appreciated.

    And that's why so many moms have "go to" items they can't live without when it comes to tot rearing, which make their routines at least a little easier.

    Hey ... every tiny bit helps.

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    Daycare. Honestly, you'd think it was college. Parents fight tooth and nail to get into a good one. It can cost as much as Princeton. Kids often have to go through a battery of psychological exams. There's actually pre-K testing. Testing! So I guess it's no surprise that some of the pre-K questionnaires are sort of, well, absurd. One dad, puzzled by the extensive questionnaire handed to him and asked to be filled out for his 11-month-old daughter, Emma, decided to give it to them straight. He answered with brutal, but hysterical, honesty.

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    If we were allowed to pull a child out of his home every time we disagreed with the way he was being raised, it's frightening to think how many parents would be without their children. But, assuming neither physical nor severe emotional abuse is involved, there's a line we and authorities don't get to cross when it pertains to other people's children. Police in Nebraska went too far this week when they placed a toddler in child protective services after viewing a disturbing video posted on Facebook in which the tot traded obscene comments and gestures with adults in the room. 

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    Wow. No mother is perfect, and it's pretty safe to say we all make our fair share of mistakes. And that's why we should probably give each other the benefit of the doubt when it comes to something accidentally happening resulting in harm being done to our kids.

    But after hearing from a mom who is facing jail time over burns on her toddler's face -- I'm finding it pretty hard to show her much sympathy.

    Supposedly Kelly Jones' mother, Marjorie, was teaching her 9-year-old son how to cook bacon, when some of the grease from the pan splashed out and burned her 2-year-old daughter Chloe on the face.

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    From awe-inspiring photos of a baby born in an amniotic sac or unretouched moms' bodies to blood-boiling news about a mom being thrown out of a water park for being too "full-figured" to controversy-spawning breastfeeding tales galore, 2013 was a year busting at the seams with stories that made our hearts pound, melt, and just about everything in between! With only a matter of days to go before we ring in 2014, we thought this past unforgettable year called for a round-up and review.

    More from The Stir: 25 Most Exciting Celebrity Babies Born in 2013

    Here, The Stir's 15 most-read parenting posts of the year ...

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