Toddler Development

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    I almost didn't read this story: "What Happened When My Son Wore a Pink Headband to Walmart." I kind of figured I already knew what happened. People were jerks about it and maybe made a few snarky comments to her, she went home and wrote a blog post about it. And now we feel defensive on her behalf. The end. We've all heard stories like this before -- the boy in the princess costume, Jenna Lyons painting her son's toenails. I read the story anyway ... and my jaw dropped. It's so much worse than I thought it would be.

    Kathleen Carpenter, (writing as Katie Vyktoriah) wrestled her 2-year-old son Dexter and her 5-month-old baby into the car to pick up a few necessities at the store. Moms have to pick their battles, so she made Dexter leave behind the huge stuffed bear he wanted to bring, but she let him keep the pink lace flower headband he was wearing. Maybe she expected a few looks, I don't know. But she certainly didn't expect her son to be grabbed and threatened by a full-grown adult.

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    Look who's got a birthday. Jenelle Evans' son Jace turns 4 today. The baby viewers watched Jenelle welcome into the world on the show 16 and Pregnant is growing up so quickly. He's not a toddler anymore. Jenelle told fans yesterday that she'd be spending the whole day with Jace today, followed by a big birthday party at grandma Barbara Evans' house on Saturday. 

    A lot has happened in Jace's four short years of life -- and a lot remains the same. After a tumultuous few years, Jenelle seems to be settling down into a stable relationship. Jace still lives with Grandma, and given everything that's happened in Jenelle's life, that's a good thing. But hopefully, someday Jenelle will be in a position to raise her son in her own home. And what about Jace's privacy?

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    I was shocked, shocked! yesterday to discover Farrah Abraham, author of pacifier addiction recovery narrative Passy's Perfume, had allowed her daughter Sophia to hit the binky again. Oh Farrah! But I wasn't the only one. Fellow Teen Momer Jenelle Evans noticed Sophia's relapse, too, and offered some advice for weaning the girl from the pacifier once and for all.

    Yeah, I know, Jenelle Evans. But before you snort at the very idea, let's hear what she says. It's actually some pretty helpful advice.

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    When it comes to life, I'm all about ease. If we're talking commutes, cooking, clothing, you name, easier is usually better in my book. When it comes to parenting, however, taking the easy way out can have some hard-knock consequences down the road.

    No one wants to listen to the whining, the crying, and complaining, and we all want to spare our children as much heartache as possible. We want to give them every advantage in life, and minimize the bumps in the road for all involved. Unfortunately, our overzealous attempts to pave the way result in spoiled, self-entitled children.

    I'll be the first to admit that I've been guilty of many of these things; I think we all are from time to-time. And it's not that any one of them on occasion is going to create a brat, rather it's an accumulation of many over time that can be problematic. See how many of these easy ways out you take as a parent.

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    Oh Farrah Abraham. You're so busy chasing rainbows and raspberry tones, you've let your daughter keep up a dangerous habit. Look at your kid. LOOK AT HER. Sophia is almost 5 years old, and she's still got a freakin' pacifier in her mouth. I thought she was weaned from that thing a long time ago.

    Teen Mom just posted a photo of Sophia hosting a tea party. She's wearing an adorable little crown, a princess dress, and something that's going to ruin her teeth. Hello, troll bait! Fine, I'll bite. But not just because she's too old for that pacifier -- remember Passy's Perfume? Ring any bells, Ms. Abraham?

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    I have four kids, and none of them really took a bottle until my fourth child popped out. And wow, as much as I breastfed her (almost a year, thank you very much), she loves her bottle. And hey, that's fine with me because I was able to leave her a bit more.

    Now she's almost 3 and still takes a bottle at naptime and bedtime and guess what? I really don't care what anybody thinks.

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  • Mom Moment

    My Toddler Told Her First Lie

    posted by Joanna Montgomery July 17, 2013 at 9:10 AM in Toddler
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    Not long ago, an adorable video of a little boy telling his mother repeatedly that he had not gotten into a certain container of red candy sprinkles, all while wearing the telltale sprinkles all over his face, went viral. The video is funny as can be, and as a parent, it would be difficult not to laugh. However, it did strike me at the time that the toddler was awfully young to have already started lying.

    Or so I thought.

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    When my children were young, I was somewhat obsessed with looking for signs and symptoms of autism. There's so much information and misinformation about the disorder, and with rates of diagnosis skyrocketing, I wanted to make sure I was on top of it if one of my children was affected by it.

    Neither of them was, but I spent a lot of time reviewing all of the lists of developmental markers to watch for, and intently watched to see if my children met them. Still I was never exactly sure what I was looking for. I never had any kind of real-life example I could watch and compare to my children's behavior. Fortunately, a new video has been released that provides exactly that.

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    Sometimes I look at my 4-year-old daughter and see glimpses of the teenager I imagine she'll be. More often than not, those glimpses terrify me, but I brush them off thinking a lot can (and hopefully will?) change between now and then. A new study, however, says that we can actually tell a lot about what our toddlers will be like as teens when it comes to drinking alcohol.

    Great? According to Yahoo! News, new research found a correlation between certain children's temperaments and their drinking habits as teens. After studying thousands of children, researchers found there are two personality traits that more often lead to teen drinking.

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    Recently on Toddlers & Tiaras, I saw something that made me cringe. Okay, I always see something that makes me cringe on that show, but this wasn't flippers, or spray tans, or crazy sugary caffeine drinks for kids, but rather a big sacrifice one family was making so their daughter could participate in pageants.

    Maddi is just 2 years old, and her parents want her to compete in pageants so badly that instead of using their hard-earned money to buy a house, they spend it on her pageants. They don't even rent a place of their own; instead, they live with Maddi's grandparents so they can pour every penny into their daughter's eternal pursuit of a crown.

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