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    Get ready to hate me. Or steal my husband. Or think I’m the worst mother in the whole wide world. Or maybe you’ll admire my ingenuity!

    I am a miser of my sleep. I don’t do well when I’m tired. I get really cranky and tend to take it out on the closest person -- who would be my dear, sweet husband. He certainly doesn’t deserve it, so I always say our arrangement was made for his own good.

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    Any parent who has managed to get their child to stay in bed after they've been tucked in deserves the highest of awards. Plain and simple. For some unknown reason, whether they're 2 or 12, kids will find any reason to get out of bed. So instead of settling in for the night, parents will find themselves bustling to finally, once and for all, get that child under the covers. But for one mom of multiples, the struggle is way too real and we can't help but sympathize. A Norwegian mother of twin toddler boys recently recorded a time lapse video of their bedtime routine, and you won't believe her patience.

    Take a look below. The hilarious clip will leave you cringing:

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    Do you want to hear a secret? I get angry and upset and cry sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. Okay, pretty much every day. But I have really good reasons for throwing temper tantrums -- I swear!

    How else am I supposed to act when Mommy does something for me that I wanted to do ALL BY MYSELF? Or when Daddy turns off my favorite show before I'm finished watching? Or when I can't get one of my toys to work right? Or when I want a "loll-pop" RIGHT NOW and Mommy says no because we don't have any?

    As I like to say, "Are you kidding me?"

    Mommy and Daddy might not agree, but I think there are plenty of times it's okay for me to have a meltdown because of something THEY'VE done wrong. Do you want to know what they are?

    Here are 12 reasons toddlers' tantrums might be all your fault ...

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    Parents, let's talk about bedtime. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Sure, we all love to play and laugh and cuddle with our sweet toddlers all day long, but when 8:00 strikes, it's nice to have a few hours of peace and quiet to ourselves.

    So, naturally, we'll do anything to ensure that that sweet, sweet moment of the day doesn't go awry. Anything. Including doing whatever we possibly can to keep our kid up if they happen to be in the car close to bedtime and they start dozing off.

    You know what I'm talking about. Here are the 11 stages parents go through when their kid starts to nod off in the car a little too close to bedtime.

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    For most of my parenting tenure, I have hated my kids' bedtime. With four children under 9, it's a serious challenge to get everyone bathed, brushed, and asleep, and mostly, I just want them to hop in and go to sleep quickly so I can enjoy the quiet before I collapse.

    But lately I've had a huge shift in how I feel about the time before my kids fall asleep, and it's become one of my favorite times of the day. And with a little adjustment, it can be yours too.

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    Getting little kids to stay in their bed is usually a notoriously difficult task. It’s why there are all those clichés about needing another drink of water, or one more trip to the bathroom, or one more tuck-in, or one more [insert thing child wants here].

    So as a parent, if you find something that works, you tend to stick with it. We recently came across one blogger, Casey Carey-Brown, who has been sharing some adorable pictures of her daughter Riley sleeping peacefully with some unusual lovies

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    I don't consider myself a "helicopter parent," but if you were to ask my parents what they thought of my mommy-ing, they'd probably say I have too many silly rules about cookies and napping. And the one thing they'd complain about that's bugging them lately: she needs to let that child stay up later, especially on Christmas Eve. Let me explain. My folks, who like to maintain fairly traditional Italian holiday customs, enjoy hosting Christmas Eve at their home. They fry enough fish to feed 20 people and get a kick out of decorating every inch of their house. We don't sit down to eat until 8 or 8:30 and, if they had their way, we'd attend midnight mass and go back to their home for even more dessert. As much as I love my parents, their way of doing things on Xmas isn't exactly compatible with having a 2-year-old. And I can't help but wonder: is there a point where new parents should start taking over the holidays?

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    I can certainly appreciate a simply styled nursery and there's a lot to to like about this one. With clean white walls and colorful accents, you can bet baby Nixon feels right at home in this bright and airy space. 

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    What Your Nursery Says About Your Parenting Style

    posted by Lisa Fogarty November 9, 2013 at 6:56 PM in Baby
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    Behind every great nursery is a parent with great vision. Let's face it, our baby's first bedroom is definitely a reflection of who we are and has a whole lot less to do with, well, with our children and who they are (who the heck knows who they are at 2 weeks old, anyway??) But have you ever stopped to consider how the kind of nursery you created for your baby actually reveals quite a bit about your parenting style? Yep, for better or worse, nurseries are sort of like handwriting or your beverage of choice -- try as you may to pretend you're all cool and collected, that martini, or uh, quadruple padded crib in this case, gives you away.


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    What is it about these stylish Scandinavian nurseries? There must be something fabulous in the water over there because I  find myself drawn to every single one I see! Mom, Kristen, put this one together for her little girl and it's easy to spot her graphic design background at play in this space. 

    See more below!

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