Why I Love My Special Needs Child

There's a recent Journal post by lightsoflove that's so inspiring, I had to share. She compiled stories and photos of moms with children with Down syndrome. These mothers are beyond amazing. Here's some of them describing what their special needs child means to them.


"Dylan is hope and courage. He is sunlight and laughter. He has taught me that happiness if found in the tiniest things. A ladybug tickling the palm of your hand, and seeing the first stars appear in the evening. His joy is contagious and we proudly spread it as much as possible."

"My daughter has taught me unconditional love and not to take the little things in life for granted. I love my daughter so much. She is the reason I am still living."

"Aiden has Down syndrome. But that mutant gene isn't a flaw, it is part of his charm. and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world. I always thought that it was a parent's job to teach their children. However, I have learned more from Aiden that I ever imagined."

"I have found my reason why I was put on this earth. Ryan tells me every single day, "I love you, Mom!" I have watched my small baby son and now a man, fight to live so many times, but Ryan somehow always pulls through. I admire his compassion, strength, and love. He is my hero."

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