Stopping a Staircase Surfer

Photo by cafemama

There comes that dreaded moment in every toddler mom's life when the safety gate is rendered useless. Once our older tykes figure out how to position their monkey feet just so ... and hoist one leg over the top ... it's done, over. Time to come up with a whole new strategy to keep our kids out of harm's way at home.

For IGraebner, it's even more complicated. Ever since her 4-year-old figured out how to scale the gate at the top of the stairs, she tells the Preschooler Moms group, he's taken to climbing onto the handrail and skittering down on his butt as he would a playground slide. Whee!  She's worried her little thrill-seeker is going to fall or smash into the wall.


Now this one is challenging. I searched for handrail safety products, but came up empty. I did find a great article on kid safety around balconies, but it didn't mention anything about handrails. I even checked the Home Safety Council's childproofing tour (a great resource, incidentally, if you're just starting the process), but no go.

C'mon, let's help IGraebner think of a way to discourage the dangerous practice. It might come in handy for you one of these days, too. The Preschooler Moms are already brainstorming ...

Cabinet liner--the foam-like kind. They have rolls of it for a buck at dollar stores.

Grip tape--gritty, like sand paper, used for skateboarding.

Make a wood block around it every couple of feet. It would also hlep older people who have trouble going up and down the stairs.

How about decorating for Thanksgiving or Christmas early?  Wrap some greens around it ... fake pine, etc.

Bubble wrap and packing tape.

Self-adhesive ace bandages. They stick to themselves and you can wrap them around the banister. You can still hold on, but you cannot slide down it.

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