How to Occupy Your Toddler


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What are you doing with your toddler today? I'm always looking for suggestions, especially on weekends. An anonymous mom in Answers, hoping to break her kids' TV addiction, made a similar plea.

"I have two toddlers under 3. I try to do art projects and go to the park. The kids play outside for 2 hours a day. But in between they are watching cartoons or movies--for 6 hours a day. They have toys but lose interest fast. Help!"

Personally, our family loves taking walks in the woods. There's always something new to discover; we lose ourselves for hours collecting leaves and inventing games with twigs--plus I get to burn some calories! A few thoughts from other industrious moms:

Here's what nyteowl does to occupy her 3-year-old:

  • Paint.
  • Make homemade playdough. Google "playdough recipes" and up pops quite a few, from Koolaid playdough to edible playdough.
  • Check at your local library to see if they have story time for preschoolers. Our story time offers a couple of stories with some songs and poems. After that, there are crafts and a snack. It's fun and free.
  • Tumbling class at the recreation center. It's cheap and kids move and interact.

And here's what mybaby825 does:

  • Flash cards and letter magnets.
  • Involve them in cleaning. Kids love to help. Of course, no hard task, but they will feel great when you tell them how great of a job they did. Find out how to involve kids in chores at BabyBuzz.
  • All kinds of crafts--just whatever it is, try to drag it out!

What's keeping your wee ones busy right now?

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Liz_24 Liz_24

Baking! Lately, I have been letting my toddler help me bake by mixing the dough, pouring things and of course sampling! Also, Walmart has a lot of cheap Christmas craft kits right now. They have everything you need to make cute little ornaments and other crafty things.

babym... babymama322

We have tea parties.  we have a little table and chairs with little cups and plates.  Of course we only use water.  I give snacks like crackers or little cookies.  They like having me serve them.  My 18 month old loves playing with the water and since I have wood floors spills are no problem.

i also turn on music and do dancing and exercising! the kids love it and if we don't get to go outside and run it burns some energy.


kateco2 kateco2

Mine likes to "help" me clean the house: I give him vinegar and water in a spray bottle and a clean towel; he "cleans" the TV, the mirrors, the windows...

He also has a toddler-size broom; trying to teach him how to sweep.

He "cleans" tables, walls, the bathroom floor with a sponge dipped in soapy water (bubbles are awesome!)

He "washes" his car/trike/ride-on thingy while I wash my car/outdoor furniture.

He can almost sort laundry (whites vs. colors).

I can sort of get things done with Kristofer around.... (he just turned 2 a month ago).

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