Grandma Takes Better Care of Your Kids

Photo by Peajewel

Do you worry when you leave your little ones with your parents for the night? Do you feel that your own mom isn't up to speed on modern safety practices? A new study may help you rest a little easier. Turns out grandparents are safer caregivers than you are.

I know, it's hard for our fragile mommy egos to accept. But the proof's in the child injury research ...


Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers looked at caregiving and injury data on 5,500 newborns in 15 U.S. cities. Children cared for by Grandma or Grandpa were half as likely to be injured than they were while in the hands of organized day care, other relatives, or even their stay-at-home mother.

Think about it for a minute--have you found this to be true with your mother? Why might this be? What do our own moms do that we don't?

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