Toddler Girls and Daddy's Penis

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I've never had a son so I don't know what happens when a boy notices his dad's penis for the first time. I assume it's not a big deal since the kid has one of his own (moms of boys, please let me know if I'm wrong). I have a daughter and here's what's going on in our house.

My husband watches our daughter in the morning before he goes to work so I can get some sleep (just one of the many reasons I love him). He typically takes a shower so she sees him naked. She also sees him naked when they're out and about and he takes her into the restroom with him.

This has been going on for the past year, but it's only recently that she's noticed his private parts. Or maybe she's just talking a lot more these days. Anyway, I'm sure my husband would kill me for telling you all this, but my daughter refers to his penis as "poop." She points to it and says, "Dada poop."

I'm thinking it's time to start telling her private part names.

What do your toddler girls call their daddy's private parts? What about your toddler boys?

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justa... justanotherjen

I have 3 girls and a husband that is very free with nudity so, yeah, this came up eventually.  Not to mention my husband showered with the girls (and our son) until they were around 4.  He also almost always took them to the bathroom when were out even if I was with him (one of the things I love about him even when he's driving me up a wall with other crap).

I don't remember it being a big deal, though.  Maybe because we had a son, too (he's right inbetween the older 2 girls).  My girls never really made a big deal about it.  My husband decided it's called a winky.  Don't ask me why.  It started with our son when he was a baby (at the time our oldest was only 1 and not really talking)--it just kind of caught on after that.

My youngest daughter is almost 4 and there was a stage where she would proudly state in the middle of the ladies rest room that, "Daddy and Bubby have a weiner!"  I don't know how many times I left with people staring at me.  She was just doing it to be funny.  She, luckily, outgrew that stage.

RanaA... RanaAurora

We use proper names for body parts, whether it's your own or the opposite gender's.

DreaK... DreaKevAiyana

My daughter loves giving Daddy hugs when he's standing up, but she used to push her head right into his crotch, so we've been teaching her that that's where Daddy's penis is, and to not hurt him with her head. She just turned 3 and she knows that boys have penises and girls have vaginas (I'm not into making up names for things like that). I don't think she's seen him naked since she was maybe just turning 2, or even before that (well, except his bum which he loves to flash at us whenever he can lol!).

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

My son just turned two and he's noticed that I have different parts than he and my husband.  He's always called his penis a penis, so no big deal there.  One days he asked where my penis was and I told him girls don't have them, they have vaginas.  That was that. lol.

momof... momoflilangel

We just call it our "private". Our front is our private and our butt is our butt.

ciejs... ciejsgirl

I have a little girl but she isn't old enough to talk yet.  We will call all parts by their names though.

Quick funny story....when I was little I noticed that my brother and dad both had penis's and I didn't.  I asked my dad where mine was and he told me I played with it and broke it off.  I guess I cried for a long time and my mom had to tell me that girls don't have penis's.  I don't remember it but I guess I was around 3.

txmam... txmamaof3

My son who just turned 4 calls it a wee wee.. my daughter who will be 2 this year doesnt go to the bathroom with daddy..

nicol... nicole4ray

My daughter is 2 1/2 and she has been mentioning parts for awhile now. She knows that it's called a penis. It's terrible though because she'll pull out the neck on my husbands shirt and look down and say "I see daddy's penis" We've gotten some dirty looks for that lol. She called her own parts a "pagina" lol. She knows that it's a vagina, but she calls it pagina for some reason.

marmar2 marmar2

Well I try to teach my son the proper names for most body parts. so i told him it was his penis. his dad on the other hand calls it a wiener--so now my little man put the two together and calls it his wienis. lol

nonmember avatar Lauries_Mom

A Quick Funny Story: My (adult) nephew and his young daughter always took a shower together in the mornings so his wife could get ready for work. When she was about 2 1/2 one day while showering she asked "daddy, why is your tail on the wrong side?" Needless to say, no more showers for the two of them!

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