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jgal29 jgal29

I think if you are consistentabout having them use manners it's not as hard. But if you don't continue to keep it an everyday thing, when you go to a restaurant or somewhere you expect them to use manners at they are going to be harder to deal with and may act out more.

momof... momoflilangel

I definetly have the "mine" problem with my toddler. And other then whining when strangers talk to her b/c she has a shyness with them she is good. We constantly teach her the way to act to try and help with these two areas too. She def. says please and thank you.

nonmember avatar ParachuteWoman

I'm surprised! I was convinced my 3 yr old would tick every box! LOL. She only has occasional issues with sharing and yes, I guess she does treat me a little like her personal servant at times but other than that she's doing alright according to this article.

I think moms have a tendency to feel like their toddler is more badly behaved than they are. It's a trying time for sure though!

butrf... butrflygliter

I have three kids. My eldest is 5, middle is 4, and my youngest is 2. They all know their manners as far as  please and thank you gose. When it comes to sharing, and hitting I have yet to convience them that this is not how people act. (But then I think to my self, this is exactly how the world acts). One more thing, if you are teaching your child not to hit or bite is it more appropriate to hit their hands and tell them no, or put them in time out for a little bit?

Holly Nichole Jennings

I don't really think this qualifies as a brat, I think this more so falls in line with poor parentling. 


Christina Huddle

There were only two that my daughter does. And that is the whining and sharing. Whining we are working on. Sharing is harder. I live in an area with very few children her age so she doesn't get to socialize much. Now, before you start with the whole "put her in daycare/preschool" thing, let me tell you this. I'm unemployed and can NOT afford either one. She WILL be put in head start next year because, being a state funded education program, it is free. She didn't meet the age requirement this year.

Lisa Roberts

or your child has autism or some other behavioral disorder and can't do those things properly... smh

Laura Palmer

so every toddler is a brat according to you? Seriously this list was the most absurb thing I have ever seen.

Elise Senay-Sforza

So, normal behavior for toddlers makes them "brats"? ALL kids go through the "mine" stage, ALL kids splash in the tub, ALL kids jump on furniture. They're kids!! As a parent of a 2.5 year old boy, I expect him to jump on furniture and splash in the tub...and it's my job as his parent to teach him not to, of course, but to call a kid a brat because they splash in the tub? Ridiculous.

Flowe... FlowerMama100

We actually encourage the tub-splashing with our daughter.  She loves bath time!  When she's starting to get cranky right before dinner time, she goes in the tub to cheer up, and comes out her normal, sweet self.

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