Sarah Palin Wins! (On eBay)


Obama Cabbage Patch doll/

Jakks Pacific Inc. via AP

So we can put this whole election thing to rest once and for all, here are the results of the ebay Presidential Cabbage Patch doll auction.


Sorry, Mr. President-Elect, but Sarah Palin garnered the most number of bids and the highest cache--113 people bid on the Alaska Governor and the winning one was $19,000.(Gotta wonder, with the recent turn of events, if that person now wishes they'd bid across the aisle!)

With all bids total, below, the benefit raised nearly $37,000 for Toys for Tots.

Barack Obama doll -- winning bid $8,400 (96 bids)

John McCain doll -- winning bid $6,000 (68 bids)

Joe Biden doll: winning bid $3,550.01 (60 bids)




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