Too Many Toys for Your Toddler: Are You Guilty?

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Photo by PrettyInLace

Does it look like the Toy R Us Threw Up in Your Living Room now that Christmas has passed? In the PLAYSKOOL Toddler & Preschool Group, CafeMom krazeerosie asks moms whether or not they overdid it on the toy buying this holiday season.

What about you? Did you overdo it?


CafeMom momof2kiddos79 says, "Yea.. This momma over did it!!!.. Won't be doing that again!!" while CafeMom JasonsMom2007 says, "Nope :)  I'm proud to say that as we were buying this year, we made sure everything would have a place so it was easy to just stick it there later."

What about you? Did you go crazy shopping for your toddler? Is your living room runneth over with tot toys?


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