Do You Make Your Toddler Sit on Santa's Lap?

girl with santa

Photo by Peajewel

I love this photo by Peajewel. She titled it: "The only Santa who's lap she would sit on." I wish I could find a Santa like that.


I brought my two-year-old to see Santa yesterday, and she didn't want to go anywhere near him. We watched him from afar and she observed as other children went up and talked to him and sat on his lap, and that was good enough for her. There will be no picture with Santa this year, but respecting my daughter's feelings is very important to me.

I have a friend who made her screaming, terrified two-year-old sit on Santa's lap. Then she made a joke about it, saying, "We got the same photo last year." I don't understand why someone would do that to their child. Is the picture that important?

Do you "make" your toddler visit Santa even if he doesn't want to?

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