Suri Cruise, What's Santa Bringing You?

suri cruise

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty

Suri Cruise has it all—high heels, Starbucks. Last week, she even had a zoo all to herself (and her mom, Katie Holmes) on a recent visit to Spain where daddy Tom is filming Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz. The Guillena Mundo Park Zoo outside Seville, closed to the public and opened just for little Suri, who watched a horses show and got to pet a lot of the animals, according to People.


"She loved stroking a newborn tiger cub, twin baby jaguar cubs and a baby donkey, so small it looks like a ball of fluff," zoo director Carlos Llandrés told reporters.

And then, over the weekend, the "fun fair" in Seville also opened up just for Suri, her parents, big sister Isabella, and big brother Connor.

I'm torn here. If I were famous, I would want to give my kid a "normal" childhood, which means doing things like going to the zoo when there's lots of other people around. At the same time, because her parents are so famous, her visit would be anything but normal—she'd have cameras in her face and people pestering her mom for autographs. Still, by closing to the public, you're preventing a lot of other kids from enjoying the space.

If you rich and famous, would you arrange for your child to get private visits to zoos, toy stores, and other fun places? Or would you want her to experience those things the way everyone else does?

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