Twoddler: Twitter for Toddlers

tweeting toddlers

Photo from Twoddler

Is your toddler ready to tweet? He may soon have his chance. Twoddler is basically a tricked-out Fischer Price Activity Center that's connected to the Internet. Kids can play with it and "keep in touch" with their parents and their friends.


The activity center has pictures of family members and friends. All of your child's activities are processed in two different ways. They can be translated into Twitter messages and posted on his personal Twitter account or they can be sent to another activity center and generate effects (i.e. your kid can make the lights on his friend's Twoddler light up).

So for example, if your kid plays with the picture of you, here's what will get tweeted: "@mommy_kidsname Kidsname misses mommy and looks forward playing with her this evening." If he plays with the bell repeatedly, the computer will translate this to “Your kid is showing off his music skills with a new tune."

While Twoddler isn't being manufactured, the prototype did win a 2009 Innovative and Creative Applications Award. The judges said that Twoddler is a "good, well-implemented idea, with a lot of potential. It allows children who are not capable of verbal communication to communicate through an inventive combination of hardware and software."

I'm not so sure I'm interested in having my toddler "tweet" just yet. How about you?

Would you buy Twoddler for your toddler if it were for sale?

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