How Much Does Santa Bring Your Toddler?

santa felt beard

Child's Felt Santa Beard from her flying horses

Santa and toddler gifts: there are several conversations in Answers and around CafeMom about what Santa brings for a toddler.

One CafeMom asks How much does Santa bring your toddler? and MommytoBabyCole asks How much do you usually spend on your Toddlers for Christmas?

I'm curious too! How much loot can your tot expect to receive when the holiday arrives?


I know many families go all out for their kids on holidays. Other families, like mine, may give more minimally, not only due to our income but also due to our basic feelings about gift giving (and continuing to fit into our small house).

My boys usually have a stocking, a Santa gift, and two or three small gifts from mom and dad (usually books or clothes). As a family we don't believe in going into debt for holiday gifts, and, in general, think a few quality toys, games, or activities are enough.

What are your thoughts about buying for your kids and others for the holidays? Are you a big giver? A small giver? Do you value homemade gifts? Is it "the more the merrier" or "the thought that counts"?

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