How One CafeMom Turned the Holiday Blues into Holiday Cheer

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CafeMom tsjpop (Sharey), mom to 3-year old Abbey and 4-year old Jimmy with a third baby on the way, recently posted about her extreme case of the holiday blues.

Sharey vented openly in her journal post "No Christmas for us this year" about financial hardship and wounds from a holiday-less childhood.

However, with the advice and support of several CafeMoms who reminded Sharey about the true meaning of Christmas, Sharey found the inspiration and guidance to see things differently and to go forth positively into the holiday season.


"I just don't know what we are going to do," said Sharey in her original post. "When the kids know it's Christmas day, pile out of their little toddler beds, and come out with excited hearts beating, anxious to see the packages Santa dropped off for them, only to walk into the living room to an empty tree... I will be crying, and I won't know what to tell them or how to comfort their little minds to BELIEVE that it's not that they are not worthy or that we don't love them... I am battling with the issue of how they are going to feel inside, that empty feeling when they get nothing." 

Dozens of CafeMoms replied to Sharey's post with support, advice, and even vigorous honesty. One CafeMom emailed Sharey a project for making homemade ornament gifts for the whole family that were then tied with a very special reminder.

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Sharey was quite moved by the significance of this project, and she and her kids made seven of these gift ornaments the first night and will make 25 total with supplies they had on hand and the $5 they could spend.

In her newest post "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas after my meltdown!" Sharey writes: "Thank you, my CafeMom friend, for this suggestion, and all those who reminded me to be a GOOD ambassador to the world and to etiquette and tradition and love, and to my children. I'm quite sure we will come up with even more homemade love to spread this year and will have fun making this a wonderful Christmas even though we don't have the money to buy gifts. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Later Sharey told me, "How wonderful it is to be a part of CafeMom with so many wonderful mommas to help me keep my chin up."

Have you had a case of the holiday blues? Have you found a way to turn it into holiday cheer?


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