Best and Worst Presidential Parents

father and daughter

Photo by jencalkins

It's hard to get the election off my brain lately. Yesterday I talked about some of history's most famous Presidential kids. Now check out's ranking of the best and worst Presidential parents. (I promise, after tomorrow I'll stop!)

Among the worst Father-in-Chiefs? Our 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. "Great President, lousy father," the article says. "He had five kids had 19 marriages, 15 divorces and 29 kids. Perhaps his own odd marriage to Eleanor—and the fact that he let his mom run his life—wasn't the best example a father could set for the kids. This family would make a riveting multi-episode project for Dr. Phil."

George Washington, Richard Nixon, and John F. Kennedy were all pretty decent, according to the ranking. W. fared pretty badly, but not the worst. So who achieves Super Dad distinction?


Jimmy Carter, for one. "Jimmy is father to four kids—three sons and Amy. We love that he enrolled Amy in D.C. public schools back in the day, and that Carter let her be a kid in the White House. We think it's telling that she is also engaged in activism like her father but keeps a low profile. Fun Amy fact: She has a nine-year-old son."

Do you agree with the ranking? Let me know ...

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