Toddler Caught You Having Sex?

mating ladybugsTime to 'fess up:


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What was your child's reaction? How did you explain it to him? What precautions do you take now to make sure he doesn't catch you again?


And in case you're wondering whether sprinting from the bedroom in a panic was the right thing to do, early development counselor Marcy Axness of offers her  Four Golden Rules:

1. Answer only what you are asked!

2. Remember that sex is a happy, joyous expression, and you don't want to convey -- through a sudden attitude of  "uh-oh!" or such when the child catches us that it is otherwise. An easy smile, a caress, or a hug can do volumes and might be all that is needed.

3. The ideal is to be good natured and matter-of-fact about it. A child, deep down, knows about sex, since he or she came from that same union. So much of human development has to do with remembering what we already know in wordless ways.

Now, if the child came in on some ... um ... vocalizing ... that might have frightened her, it's important to assure her that it is okay. Say, "Mommy and Daddy were having a special kind of embrace that's sometimes kind of noisy." Period.

4. It might not be a bad idea for you and your partner to have a dress rehearsal (UNdress rehearsal!) for just a scenario.

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