2-Year Old Boy Helps Mom Deliver Baby Brother

newborn baby

Photo by Shinde-Kudasai

This recent news story about a toddler boy who helped his mom deliver his baby brother completely blows my mind.

I can't even get my 3-year old to sit up to the table for dinner, let alone assist in childbirth!


In summary, Babbye Favazza of Tennessee was scheduled for an early December C-section but went into labor at home early. With emergency services on the way, Favazza's water broke and the baby boy began to make his arrival.

Big brother Jeremiha, age 2, got his mom a towel without being asked and, when his baby brother Kamron made his quick 2-3 minute arrival into the world, Jeremiha actually caught him.

Both mother and baby Kamron are doing fine.

Way to go, little Jeremiha! You're a total super star!

Does your toddler work well under pressure?


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