3 Simple Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

turkey hand craft

Photo from My Paper Crane

I've been keeping my eye out for simple Thanksgiving crafts to do with toddlers, and I found a few that make me happy.

Loving this family hands turkey card from My Paper Crane. This puts a little spin on the traditional kid handprint turkey we see year after year. And if you have a larger family, stretched out this could make an adorable mantle decoration. :)

Thanksgiving banner craft

Photo from Parents.com

Found this Thanksgiving banner craft on Parents.com, via the ღ Susie Homemaker ღ group here on CafeMom. The banner is made with paper and raffia and is decorated with dry beans, cinnamon sticks, feathers, leaves, twigs, and pine cones. So cute.

Here's another fun, easy toddler craft — newspaper-rubbed leaves from Life With Little Ones. With found leaves, crayons, and some newspaper, your tots can help create some decorations for your Thanksgiving festivities.

Are you and your toddler working on any crafts for Thanksgiving?

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Proud... ProudSingleMum

OH I am VERY much liking the hand/turkey card! Ours would only be 2 hands, but still VERY neat :)

Jesse... JessecaLynn

We are making our own place mats for Thanksgiving.  3 of them were ones they made at a PAT storytime.  They colored a turkey and added feathers on it.  Then we are going to make handprint turkeys and paste them on construction paper for another set of 3 place mats.  Then for the final 3 place mats they are just going to color a turkey printout.

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

@ProudSingleMum, if you want to make your turkey card bigger, each of you can do both hands. Cute!

PinkS... PinkSodaPop

Adorable crafts!

I have a favorite...
I love to make the hand wreaths for Thanksgiving!

Just trace around the whole family's hands for 'Leaves' on different colored construction papers...yellow, orange, brown, and tan work well.

Then place them into a wreath shape 'circle'gluing them together,  and glue a bow to the wreath as a finishing touch! ---Either use real ribbon or a paper ribbon made from construction paper.

Fun stuff, and super easy!




Jesca4u Jesca4u

Great idea PinkSodaPop!

Tipha... TiphaniMommy

Yes...My daughter loves the hand turkeys

trish... trishasjunebug

I've just tried the hand turkey with my son, he loved it. We ended up making 3 of them lol. Because he didn't want to stop!

I'm thinking about making some sort of festive center peice for the table. I'm sure my son will love to help me with that! :)

livewell livewell

I love the cards!

Totsy Totsy

Adorable.  I just tweeted this!  We have five days off from school and will need ways to stay busy.

Carey... Carey2006

I think we are going to do leaf rubbings

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