Kid Smocks: Perfect for Tots on Thanksgiving


terrier dog coverup  pink keys bib

 striped smock  blue batik Smox

On Thanksgiving, no mom wants to deal with gravy down her toddler's new dress, cranberry sauce on the new shirt, and/or mashed potato in the belly button (you know it could happen).

So why not protect your child's clothing and hard-to-clean nooks and crannies by putting your kid in a cool smock? These SMOX are handmade by CafeMom chealam0de and sold in her SMOX shop.


SMOX are great-looking eating aprons (or excellent arts and crafts cover-ups), lined in either lightweight flannel or terry cloth. Unlike traditional bibs, SMOX have long sleeves to keep clothes and bodies clean.

Shown above (left to right, row by row):

  • Blue Batik Dot SMOX: $25
  • Bright Stripes SMOX: $25
  • Pink Keys SMOX: $25
  • Terrier Dog SMOX: $25

How do you plan to protect your toddler's clothes on Thanksgiving? Or maybe you have a neat eater or one that eats topless...

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