Mom Confessions: I Skip Bathtime if I'm Too Tired


rubber duckyIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

Sometimes, even though my son is dirty and needs a bath, I skip it if I'm too tired. anonymous


Have you ever skipped bathtime because you were too tired?

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We all have secrets -- so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgmental!

Do you have a Mom Confession you want to share? PM me. We can share your confession with your CafeMom screenname or anonymously.

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Rebec... RebeccaJill

I have skipped bathtime if I was too tired or if the day got too busy, hectic and late, but only if they weren't dirty.  Who hasn't??  If they're dirty, it doesn't get skipped no matter how tired I feel or how late it is.  Also, I have one child with eczema and one with sensitive skin, so bathing every other day is better for their skin, but we usually do bath every day just the same. 

ethan... ethans_momma06

Yeah...I'm pretty sure that a lot of moms have skipped bath time. I do, but I try not to too often. That being said....if he is dirty theres two solutions for my family- Ask daddy, or bust out the baby wipes.

However, if we skip one day he always gets showered the next.


Now my son is old enough to bathe himself so it is not an issue.. but there were MANY days when he was little that we skipped baths.  I was at one point working three jobs and my husband was working long hours and I was just dead tired in the evenings.  I would always make sure face and hands were clean,  but sometimes the bath had to wait.  My son has always been super healthy,  so I am not going to beat myself up about it!  :)

Jesse... JessecaLynn

I've skipped baths or waited until the next morning if I was tired.  Usually my kids are not dirty though.  My kids all have sensitive skins anyway so we only bathe them every other day or so anyway.

Pollymom Pollymom

How dirty is her child when she skips baths? If it was just dirty face and hands, a baby wipe would take care of that. If he's just filthy and smelly, I would suck it up and bathe him. If I was that tired, I would tell my husband to do it. LOL  

Mybab... MybabyKisses

If we are just staying home the next day or if that day we did nothing but stay in the house I don't give mine a bath. But if we have somewhere to go I try and give them a bath either the night before or before we have to leave. Normally I only bath my girls every other day unless they are!!!

Proud... ProudSingleMum

We bath every other day. 1. He doesnt need it every day. 2. Sometimes his skin on his bum, behind his knees and various spots elsewhere get 'flaky' if he baths every's not worth it. But we have skipped bathtimes. Usually it's because I forgot,a nd all the sudden ti was bed time. But then I just bath him the next morning. Or there are times when I was going to bath him in the morning...and instead waited until night time (because I forgot, or things got hectic or whatever). He doesnt stink regardless :P

auror... aurorabunny

I don't ever skip them no matter how tired I am.  My son has really sensitive skin and ezcema too and we used to only bathe him every other day because they say that's better, but when he started school we had to start bathing him daily (because he got a lot more dirty obviously) and we realized it actually helped his skin more.  I think things from the air getting left on his skin over night was worse on it than daily bathing.

TKsMo... TKsMommie

There are some nights where a quick scrub down with a wash cloth is easier than the bath.  If they are filthy, they go in the tub regardless but if a scrub down will work there is nothing wrong with skipping baths sometimes!!

jgal29 jgal29

I've skipped bathtime when tired but if the kids really are dirty and need it I just suck it up and give them a bath

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