Boys Who Potty Train Earlier Than 3 Years Old

toddler boy potty chair

Photo by laurakelley

Some toddler boys defy the norm of potty training around 3 years old and potty train as early as 2 years old or, for the son of CafeMom imapepper, at 20 months old, as she discusses in her post Anyone ever potty train their little ones this early?? in Advice for Moms.

20 months old! And a boy! AND interested in potty training! Wow!


As mom to a 3-year old boy who, months after a 2-morning stint of peeing on the toilet, has ABSOLUTELY NO interest in potty training, I'm trying not to be too JEALOUS and to be patient with my boy and his timing.

But it's HARD!

Did your son potty train earlier than three years old? Did you prompt him to start or did he decide on his own that he was interested in potty training?

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