A Slightly Greener Potty-Training Adventure

toddler girl potty toilet

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Ideal Bite's Alison Neumer Lara is back today, sharing some (sort of) eco-friendly diaper and potty chair options you might try while you wait for the greenest and loveliest option — your potty trained child!

Ta-da! (i wish...)


It's Potty Time...or Maybe Not

By Ideal Bite's Mama Bite Editor Alison Neumer Lara

Recently, I bought my 15-month-old daughter Roxane a potty chair with the idea (okay, desperate hope) that she might take an interest in it. Alas, no. She turned it over, picked it up, and dropped it a few times (it does make a satisfying smacking sound on the floor), and now considers it a place to stash away stuffed animals.

Roxane, like most kids, probably won't manage potty training until she turns 3 years old. (In fact, there's a saying that all kids will be trained by age 3...even those that start earlier.) Meanwhile, of course, the diapers and training pants pile up — up to 6,700 by the time baby's trained — sucking up resources and filling landfills. 

Cloth reusables are a decent option, but they can require incredible amounts of water and electricity to keep clean. A 2008 report in England showed that disposable diapers and cloth ones carry nearly the same carbon footprint — unless you launder reusables strictly in cold water and line dry.

I'm a fan of eco-disposables — biodegradable, cornstarch- and wood pulp-based diapers — but like regular disposables, most end up in tightly packed landfills where nothing can break down.

And this is not to mention other, perhaps more obvious diaper drawbacks like, say, having to haul out wipes, diaper cream, and clean up your child's poop all the time. 

So the options? Few, I know — which is why early potty training is so attractive. The one I found is an eco-potty too (Becopotty) — it's made of corn starch, and when your kid's done with it, just dig a hole in the backyard and drop it in, where it will eventually biodegrade, or compost it. Until then, however, I guess her stuffed animals have a home.

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