Breast-Obsessed: Is Your Toddler?

baby bottle nipplesA mom in the Toddler Moms group (must join group to join discussions) has an almost-2-year old son who's infatuated with her breasts.

Touching, holding, brushing, tugging, rubbing, squeezing, patting. Do your breasts need a restraining order against your toddler?


Both my boys have gone through a stage of being fairly interested in my breasts (lots of looking, pointing, and reaching toward); however, neither have gotten super obsessed about them (thank God!). And yes, both were breastfed (my first for 15 months, one for 9 months).

I was laughing the other morning when my 3-year old was walking around with my bra saying, "These are mommy's bress...these are mommy's bress..." At least, he knows the proper word for them.

If your tot likes to manhandle your mammaries, don't worry, mamas. Mrs. Manners assured us awhile back that breast obsession is normal for toddlers. Of course, normal doesn't mean without nuisance. LOL.

Is your toddler breast obsessed? Since I only have sons, I'm also curious if girl toddlers get grabby too?

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