Leftover Halloween Candy: 7 Ideas for Your Kid's Sweet Stash

toddler girl eating candy

Photo by Heather_F

One family does science experiments with leftover Halloween candy (found via Sac Bee). Watch the Nerds dissolve in water, check the acidity in Lemonheads, watch the edible ink on M&M's and Skittles float off — intact, and more. Sounds fun!

Here are six more ideas for getting rid of or using up the leftover Halloween candy.

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  1. Save Lollipops for Bribery: Stash them in your purse or the pantry. It's true. My boys will do almost anything for a lollipop.
  2. Better Yet, Potty Training Bribery: CafeMom jess_diva says, "candy she accumulated in the half hour she trick or treated will be used as potty rewards." Hmmm, nothing else is working for my 3 year old...
  3. Toss It, Eat It, or Recycle It?: CafeMoms get pretty fired up in this debate.
  4. Donate Your Halloween Candy: Several organizations accept leftover Halloween candy and use them for a good cause.
  5. Save It for the Holiday Crafting: Use those Dots for your gingerbread houses and other craft projects.
  6. Make Peanut Butter Candy Bar Squares: Take this yummy dessert to share at your next potluck or party.

What do you do with your kids' trick or treat collection? Take our poll.


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