The Pumpkin Patch: Have You Taken Your Child?

boy child pumpkin patch

Photo by Mommi229

Pumpkin patches don't do much for me, just as I'm no real fan of pumpkin carving. I can make the family cider at home, get them apple donuts to go, and never go on another hayride for as long as I live.

However, I know many moms really LOVE taking their kids to the pumpkin patch every year. I mean, just look at all the pumpkin patch photos already uploaded on CafeMom!


Lucky for me, our elementary school always makes a pumpkin patch field trip. Last year, I went with my son's class (nope, still don't like pumpkin patches...). This year, I think I'm going to lay low at pumpkin patch field trip time.

Are you a fan of trips to the pumpkin patch? If not, do you take your kids anyway — because they like it and you're nice like that? If so, what is it I'm missing?


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