Swine Flu Vaccine: Demand the Babysitter Get It?

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needle vaccineSwine flu vaccinations are well underway in most parts of the country for those who wish to get vaccinated.

Getting the vaccine is a personal choice. However, what about the people who care for your children? If you're pro-vaccination, will you recommend that your child care provider, babysitter, or nanny gets the swine flu vaccination as well? And what if she or he says no?


My health care provider, Kaiser Permanente, recommends the seasonal flu shot and the swine flu (H1N1) shot especially for:

  • Children 6 months old up to their 19th birthday
  • Anyone 50 or older
  • Anyone with a chronic health condition
  • Pregnant women
  • Health care workers
  • Anyone living with or caring for someone in any of these categories or with a child under 6 months old

So yep, that last recommendation would include child care providers, babysitters, nannies, and even grandparents who might care for your children.

If you feel the vaccine is the best protection for your family against the swine flu virus, how far do you take these recommendations? Do you draw the line at getting your family vaccinated?

Or will you suggest that the people caring for your children get the vaccine as well? And what if they refuse? How far are you willing to go?


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