Sure, Popeye Smokes, But He Also Promotes Eating Your Greens

cooked spinachIn her recent post Thanks to Popeye, CafeMom orchid404 condemns Popeye for his violent tendencies and smoking and hails him for his spinach pushing. Her son always asks for spinach after he sees an episode of Popeye.

Yep, kids tv shows are teaching our kids a thing or two, but when do the bad habits they teach override the good habits? Where do you draw the line?


I've heard moms complain that gentle little fellow Caillou taught their kids to whine. Some moms say the Powerpuff Girls give their daughters confidence by showing girls who can pull out a can of "whoop @$$."

Kids shows (and movies) are complicated. Do sweet cartoon characters teach our kids to be too passive and naive? Do violent ones turn them into crazed killers?

What habits are popular kids' shows pushing on your kids — good or bad?

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