Help! My Kid Wants to Be a Slug for Halloween!

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slugSo what would you do if your kid came to you and wanted to be a slug for Halloween?

MarriottMama posted this precise Halloween costume dilemma over in The CafeMom Newcomers Club.


Seriously...where do these kids come up with this stuff? So funny!

And I'm so proud of MarriottMama for giving it her all. She's looking for ways to accommodate her son's unique Hallowen vision, however slimy and potentially hard to make. And what's awesome is a couple crafty CafeMoms had ideas for where to start.

I can't say I'd do the same if my child wanted to be a slug, no matter how cute that costume could be. I think I'd be frantically tossing out lots of other costume ideas, probably ones that would end up denting my checkbook somehow, just so I wouldn't have to try to make this tricky costume.

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